2021 quit smoking start vaping cannabis

The new year has come and passed, and that means we’re all frantically analysing our lives. Healthier habits are certainly at the top of  “things to change” list. And this year, more than ever, giving up smoking will top that list. And not just the nicotine kind. This year, more people than ever will also give up smoking weed.

Sound like a big task to you? It doesn’t have to be. Look below to find out why giving up smoking is the best policy and why it doesn’t have to put an end to your marijuana-loving days. 


Your Lungs Will Love You.

Healthy Lungs

Only the most ardent dry herb advocates will still argue that smoking has never been proven to cause lung cancer. If we are being rational, I think we can all agree that smoking anything is not great for your health.

When you burn herbs it combusts at over 1000

°c and produces over 100 carcinogens. Over time this causes a build-up of tar in the lungs over time and will possibly lead to chronic bronchitis. Vaporizers solve this problem.

Instead of burning dry herbs, vaporizers work by heating them to a point where it is just hot enough to evaporate the active ingredients D.

Most importantly, the temperatures from vaping are cool enough to avoid the physical combustion of the plant matter which contains the carcinogens. As a result, people who vape either dry herbs or e-liquids are less likely to be exposed to the toxins that are found in smoke.


Vaping produces less smell and is more discreet.

Smells great

Everyone who has smoked joints knows that the smell can sometimes attract the unwanted attention of nosy neighbours!

When you smoke, the compounds and the plant matter are released as part of the thick smoke; this is what produces the smell.

Vaping herbs still produces an odour, of course. However, the plant matter stays in the oven. Therefore, the small from vaping is tends to not stick to walls and clothes due to there being no actual smoke.

A good dry herb vaporizer makes it easier to enjoy your herbs when you're out and about but don't want everybody to know what you're doing!

Further to producing very little smell, vaporizers such as the Relax or Pax look so sleek that you can pull out a vape in public and those 'not in the know' will not recognise what they are.


Your herb will taste better.

Tastes good

Vaping has really turned me into a ‘cannaseur’. I can recognise individual tasting notes when comparing different strains of dry herbs.

Terpenes determine the taste, smell and medicinal benefits of each strain of dry herbs. However, unfortunately, they are destroyed at temperatures produced by smoking. Vaping allows you to adjust temperature settings and enjoy every single flavour note in your herbs.


You can control your high.

Control your high

These days pretty much any vaporizer has the ability to adjust the temperature; doing so will give you the ability to control the effects your herbs have on your mind, body and soul!

Cannabinoids are compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. They react with specific cannabinoid receptors in the human body and have various effects on the brain and central nervous system.

THC and CBD are two of the most well-known cannabinoids but there are over 100 different cannabinoids that have their own individual effects.

Each cannabinoid evaporates at a different temperature. Therefore, vaporizers with adjustable temperature provide a degree of control over the effects their herbs have.

Generally, lower temperatures provide a cerebral, energetic effect whilst high temperatures produces a sedative, body effect.


You will avoid ingesting insecticides and fungicides.

Avoid carcinogens

Keen gardeners these days have to resort to a wide range of insecticides and fungicides to help protect budding plants.

Unfortunately, these will be inhaled when smoking. Most of these chemicals evaporate at temperatures of 250c and above.

Again, because vaping avoids these extreme temperatures, those chemicals are left in your oven chamber with your spent herb!

Nonetheless, where possible I wouldn’t advise vaping or smoking anything containing fungicides.


You will spend less money.

Spend Less Money

In short, you can buy less and consume more!

When you smoke dry herbs you are literally setting your herbs on fire and destroying all of those yummy terpenes and the cannabinoids before you even have a chance to inhale them!

Furthermore, a joint will still burn between hits; even a fast smoker will lose 10%-20% of there herb while they are inhaling and exhaling.

A vaporizers max temperature is typically around 230c. This is above the temperature required to effectively evaporate cannabinoids but below the temperature, they begin to denature.

A collaborative study by NORML found that smoking dry herbs allows ingestion of just 25% of any available THC compared to vaping which allowed ingestion of 45%; vaping essentially makes your herbs last almost twice as long!