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DaVinci Vaporizers FAQ

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Cortney Smith founded DaVinci Tech in 2011 using the innovative genius of Leonardo DaVinci as his muse. The Las Vegas-based vaporizer company displays all of the ground-breaking innovation and genius that marked DaVinci’s era.

True to its namesake, it’s started a renaissance within the cannabis industry. By enhancing the cannabis experience through thoughtful design and meticulous engineering, DaVinci’s team never fails to release products that raise the industry bar.

Their range of premium vaporizers are handheld, lightweight, and delightfully discreet. However, despite their compact size, they’re filled with a wealth of advanced technology that allows for precision temperature controls, state of the art heating methods, and increased battery life.

DaVinci boasts a unique dedication to clean vaping and safety-first manufacturing. In fact, the tech brand lists their company pillars concisely as “Purity, Innovation, and Control.”

It is this ingenious design philosophy that has won them awards and multiple mentions in Forbes publications. Their products, such as the DaVinci Classic and the DaVinci IQ, are cherished worldwide in the vaping community. And from here out, they show no sign of slowing their creative genius.

What vaporizers are in the DaVinci collection?

DaVinci Classic

DaVinci released this flagship product in 2012 and immediately set the tone for their successful future. The vape’s design is robust, ultra-portable, and amazingly resistant to damage. Its walkie-talkie design, inbuilt stash box, and easy-to-read LED screen solidified Davinci’s name in the minds of vapers worldwide.

DaVinci IQ 2

Davinci’s newest product is dual-use with precision temperature control and an impressive air dial for adjustable airflow.


33% smaller than the IQ3, DaVinci somehow fit their patented sealed Zirconia VaporPath into this uniquely compact vape. It’s perfect for anyone who microdoses or vapers who like smaller hits.

The Ascent

The Ascent is DaVinci’s first glass on glass vaporizer with a glass-lined ceramic oven.

How do DaVinci vaporizers work?

A departure from the more expected convection-heated units, Davinci vapes lean towards conduction. However, this is mainly in theory. In practice, dual-heating occurs within their vape’s ovens. While their primary focus is on conduction, their zirconium air paths are of such high quality that they create lateral convection. This prevents typical combustion vape’s drawbacks while providing fast heat-up times.

What materials can be used with DaVinci vaporizers?

DaVinci’s IQ 2, Classic, and Ascent are all compatible with both dry herb and extract. However, the MIQRO can only be used with dry herbs.

Do DaVinci vaporizers last?

The hardware bones of every DaVinci vaporizer is made from medical-grade stainless steel. They take this a step further by coating the stainless steel with robust silicone. Moreover, the MIQRO is home to a sealed glass zirconia airpath, ensuring that no contaminants can escape into the vapour or material. In fact, DaVinci’s team are meticulously dedicated to using Material science to extract pure, uncontaminated flavour from every product.

Davinci even offers extended warranty plans for 6 months for out-of-warranty units needing repairs.

Are DaVinci vaporizers safe?

DaVinci vapes have a zero risk factor. No hospitalizations, accidents, and emergent health issues are associated with their products.

This low-risk factor is mostly thanks to their vape designs. Most of their vapes are made with a glass-lined ceramic oven, making them one of the safest options available on the market.

Does DaVinci have a brand app?

Davinci has an app available for both Android and desktop users. Just some of the app’s smart features are real-time dosage tracking and ‘Smart Paths.’ Together, these session-tracking features allow users to know when they draw, how much they draw and help them to create pre-set session paths to match. Another feature available with the app is precision temperature control.

Moreover, users can customize their vape and set “stealth modes” using the different settings available on the app. These features are offered alongside access to Davinci resources.

What sets Davinci apart?

Long battery lives

Every Davinci vape is powered by an energetic 18650 3500 mAh lithium-ion battery that can supply up to 2 or 3 hours of vape time. This battery is rechargeable in all of Davinci’s vaporizers.

A huge line of accessories

Davinci offers a range of replacement parts and accessories to enhance vaping experiences. Some examples include the IQ dosage pod holders and glass/zirconia spacers.

Which DaVinci vaporizer is right for you?

Ideally, new users should start with conduction vaporizers. They are usually easier to use and control. They require less cleaning and fiddling to get the best experience. That’s what makes Davinci vapes the top choice for beginner vapers who don’t know where to start.

Novice vaper – Ascent

While all Davinci vapes are suitable for those testing the vaporizer waters, the Ascent model’s simplicity and reliability should make it their first pick.

Casual vaper – MIQRO

The MIQRO’S zirconium ceramic vapour path and simple mouthpiece make it the perfect portable handheld vape for the more relaxed vapour.

Experienced vaper - DaVinci IQ 2

Using the latest technology, the DaVinci IQ 2 boasts 5 levels of airflow and all of the intricate tech details seen in most contemporary vaporizers.

The future of the Davinci brand?

Due to Davinci’s famously sporadic release schedule, there’s no way to predict when their next iteration will appear. However, some industry watchers claim it will be an enhanced version of one of their previous products.

Moreover, looking at their official website, it seems that Davinci plan on releasing a merchandise line shortly.

Final thoughts

DaVinci vaporizers deftly fill the mid-range priced yet still a high-quality gap in the vaping market. Their trademark compact design falls in with what’s expected from handheld vapes these days. However, it’s their unique approach to what’s inside their vape’s hardware that sets them apart.

Moreover, DaVinci has tapped into the market’s desire for a more comprehensive overview of their vaping activities. Using their one-of-a-kind app, they’ve allowed vapers a degree of control and customization over their sessions of likes that have never been seen before.

Following that trend, DaVinci has its finger on the vaping market demands and broader industry trends. Their willingness to delve into merchandise shows they know cutting-edge vaping brands aren’t only about producing the best vaporizers. However, their vaporizer legacy is hard to beat and shows no signs of slowing down.

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