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Vaping with a dry herb vaporizer in a cafe (mobile image)

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Herbstick | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £46.00
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Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer | Dry Herb & Concentrates
Sale price £253.00
Sold out
Black Mamba | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £60.00
Sold out
Flowermate Aura | Dry Herb & Concentrates Vaporizer
Sale price £62.00
Sold out
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Dry Herb Vaporizers: Mighty, Pax, Herbstick, Hybrid X, Flowermate Aura

What are the best Dry Herb Vaporizers in the UK?

There are literally hundreds of vaporizers available in the UK today in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

At Vape Elevate we made the decision to only stock the very best vape in each category and price point; we've tested them all!

What are the best UK Vaporizers?
herbstick, an affordable, budget, dry herb vaporizer

Affordable Vaporizers

In the last few years, vaping technology has progressed so that features that were once deemed a luxury such as convection heating and ceramic chambers can be provided for less than £100

elevate test every single product and stock it only once we are satisfied it provides a solid performance. If we’re not happy with the vaporizer performance, it does not make our shelves - it's really that simple!

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