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DynaVap M | Dry Herb VaporizerDynaVap M | Dry Herb Vaporizer
DynaVap M | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £65.00
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The DynaVap 'M' Starter Pack | Dry Herb VaporizerThe DynaVap 'M' Starter Pack | Dry Herb Vaporizer
DynaVap Omni 2021 | Dry Herb VaporizerDynaVap Omni 2021 | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Dynavap VongDynavap Vong screw attachment
Dynavap 2021 VerdiuM
DynaVap VerdiuM | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £61.00
Dynavap RosiuM 2021 UKDynavap RosiuM 2021 all components
DynaVap RosiuM | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £61.00
Dynavap AzuriuM 2021
DynaVap AzuriuM | Dry Herb Vaporizer
Sale price £61.00
Dynavap Stainless Steel CCD (3-Pack)
Sale price £5.00
The dynacoil
Sale price £23.00
Dynavap Replacement Cap
DynaVap Captive Cap
Sale price £18.00

Dynavap Vaporizers UK

Who are Dynavap?

DynaVap Is an American made line of manual vaporizers. DynaVap released their first vaporizer in 2015 into a market saturated with familiar battery-powered alternatives. What made vape enthusiasts notice the DynaVap was its uniquely rustic aesthetic and hands-on approach to vaping. Its glistening metals and authentic wood caught on, and over time the DynaVap carved out a substantial niche on the vaping scene.

Dynavap’s trademark wood goes hand-in-hand with their more “traditional” appeal. This attraction grows thanks to DynaVap’s distinct lack of circuitry, meaning that chargers, plugs, and batteries are unnecessary.

However, it is an on-demand vape that’s famed for producing quality vapour to rival any high-tech vape. A feature that has won the DynaVap a place in the heart of vaping enthusiasts worldwide is its ingenious “click” system.

Where are DynaVap based?

Dynavap are based in DeForest, a quaint village in Wisconsin, USA.

How do DynvaVap vaporizers work?

The DynaVap is delightfully easy to use. There are no buttons, LED screens, temperature controls, or any other electronic feature that can prove tricky to navigate or result in malfunctions.

The premise is simple. All you need to do is apply heat to the cap and turn the vape slowly above the heating source until you hear a click caused by the cap’s bi-metal disc indicator. This click only happens when the cap’s has reached a perfect temperature and is ready to be vaped. Next, you inhale, as you would draw with any other vape.

When it’s cooled down, it will click again, resetting the discs and letting you know it’s ready for another heat-up.

What type of heat source should you use with a DynaVap?

You can use a traditional lighter to heat the DynaVap’s cap, but the brand itself notes it’s “far from ideal.” The truth is that lighters can’t produce enough heat.

Torch lighters and butane lighters can apply high heat with their powerful concentrated flames. This heat is enough to evenly vaporize the contents of a DynaVap’s resulting in high-quality vapor.

How many hits does each 'click' provide?

On average, you can get around 2 to 3 solid draws from your DynaVap vape before needing to reheat it.

What makes Dynavap vaporizers unique?

No frills approach to vaping

DynaVaps provide great vaping experiences; nothing more, nothing less. It takes the most basic premise of vaping and applies state-of-the-art engineering alongside experienced craftmanship to make a manual vape that can compete in a high-tech market. There are no batteries nor any fancy circuitry and lights here!

Rustic and charming handy-work

Due to their unrivalled attention to detail, DynaVap can take materials as simple as wood and metal and create a masterpiece. An onlooker catching a glimpse of a DynaVap would quite possibly never know it was a vape. Each device is handmade by a skilled machinist. As a result, every cap has its own unique 'burn-mark' which almost acts as a fingerprint!

Powerful vaping experiences

Using an intense external heat source creates a bustling flurry of pressurized vapour within the DynaVap’s oven. Since the vapour is essentially pushing to escape, it often flows fast and powerful upon inhalation.

Are DynaVap vaporizers worth the money?

DynaVap is often associated with the words: 'low-cost' and 'affordable'. However, they create premium devices too, so its likely they have a vape for every budget.

Irrespective of how much you spend, you are promised a great vaping experience.

Which DynaVap vaporizer is right for you?

An exciting aspect of DynaVap devices is that most of their parts are interchangeable. As a result, it’s easy to start with a lower model and build your way up. You can even choose whichever model appeals to you and work your way through the collection from there.

However, there are particular vapes among DynaVap’s collection lines suited to different vaper skill sets.

The simplicity of the DynaVap NonaVong should appeal to novice vapers. The wood-bodied vape has an attachment that you can use with water pipes, making them perfect for those migrating from bongs

If you’re a laid-back, regular vaper, you might be interested in the DynaVap M Starter Kit. This comprehensive kit comes with the DynaVap “M” vape along with several essential accessories, including a rugged torch lighter.

The DynaVap OmniVap Titanium has a more upscale and intricate design that is suited to experienced vapers.

Why should you buy a Dynavap vaporizer?

To this day, the central selling point of DynaVap devices is that they do not require any electrical input. In a market obsessed with enhancing its high-tech edge, the DynaVap offers an irresistible step back to old-school vaping methods.

As of now, DynaVap’s next move is causing a lot of speculation in the vaping community. Typically, we can expect an update to their range each Spring. However, as always, DynaVap is keeping their cards close to their chest until then.

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