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Firefly 2+ mouthpiece (2-pack)
Firefly 2+ Mouthpiece (2 Pack)
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Firefly 2+ Top Lid
Firefly 2+ Top Lid
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Firefly Vaporizers UK

Who are Firefly?

Firefly is one of the world's best-known vape brands. With each new addition to their collection, they receive glowing write-ups, reviews, and editor pieces in reputable outlets such as GQ, Engadget, CNET, and Mashable.

Their design is famed for its emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality. Portable and powerful are just two adjectives generally used in the lauding descriptions of Firefly vapes. Their vapes are also known for being stylish and easy to use, making them a winner with the current generation of on-the-go and fashion-conscious vapers.

The Firefly latest iteration, the Firefly 2+, was released in 2019 and has quickly become a favourite of vape heads across the globe

How do Firefly vaporizers work?

What sets Firefly apart is its use of dynamic convection heating which is designed gently roast your herbs.

This gradual increase in temperature allows for even heating and guarantees zero combustion. The result is vapour uniquely pure, flavoursome, and potent.

Best of all, the oven is only heated when you put your mouth to the device. This heat-as-you-inhale mechanism ensures that none of the oven's contents goes to waste.

Can the Firefly handle concentrates too?

Firefly devices are fantastic at vaporizing dry herbs. However, they can also be used with concentrates or other such materials like wax, shatter, or budder.

Firefly vapes come with a small, protective product known as a "concentrate pad." These pads ensure the dual-functionality of Firefly devices and prevent any concentrate from seeping into other vape parts.

Do Firefly vaporizers produce a smell?

Like most vaporizers, Firefly's can leave a slight aroma behind after each session. However, overall, the Firefly's scent is less potent than that emitted while smoking. T

What makes Firefly Vaporizers unique?

Ability to vape both dry herbs and concentrates

Removable inserts allow users to switch between dry herb mode and concentrate mode, effectively making Firefly devices compatible with all materials.

Stylish & compact design

Firefly's are often likened to smartphones thanks to their pocketable size and sleek look. Moreover, their exteriors own curves and indentations that most customers expect from a new, high-tech device.

Replaceable batteries

A drawback of any portable device is short battery lives. Many users report that their portable vapes cannot last a whole day without running out of charge.

One way to solve this is by using vapes compatible with battery replacement. Despite being relatively fast to charge and maintain a long battery life despite its small size, Firefly devices come with the option of swapping batteries. This feature means that users can keep vaping throughout the day without needing to charge their device.

Impressively fast heat up & cool downtimes

No matter what temperature you set the vaporizer to, it's capable of reaching it in 3 seconds and cooling down at the same pace.

Accessible - Incredibly easy to clean & load

The smooth surface of the glass vapour path means that little to no gunk gets left behind after sessions. However, if residue builds up over time, it can be effortlessly accessed and wiped away using pipe cleaners or specialized cleaning tools.

The Firefly has a magnetic lid/mouthpiece which is easily removable. Once taken off, it's easy to reach the oven within, making loading the vape effortless and no-fuss.

Is there a Firefly app?

There is a Firefly app available on Google Play for Android devices and on Desktop. Apple removed all vape-related apps from their store in 2019. However, iOS users can access all of the Firefly app's features through its desktop version.

The Firefly app allows you to customize your device by renaming it and setting touch sensor activation. Precise hands-off temperature control can also be accessed through the app, offering a wide selection of temperatures, from 200°F to 500°F.

Are Firefly vaporizers worth the money?

While Firefly vapes are known for their high quality, they also come at a high price. However, according to their many positive customer reviews, they're well worth money. Moreover, Firefly only utilizes the finest materials to produce their vaporizers alongside advanced technology and engineering. In short, it's worth it.

Why should you invest in a Firefly?

Firefly, in their own words, "is made for those who love the plant." A quick overview of their products shows that this motto is incorporated into every aspect of their vaporizer line. Firefly reaches back to simplicity while still maintaining a modern flair through high-tech features. This user-based focus has helped them to carve out a niche in the market. As of now, they're a recognizable name offering up high-quality products that show no signs of downing tools.

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