The Ultimate Dry Herb Vaporizer Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Despite being all around, the vaping world still remains relatively mysterious. Every now and then, you may see wisps of cloud rise above the crowd or stumble across an unsuspecting "head" shop. We might even notice those close to us suddenly carrying around a few hand-held, pocket-sized puff boxes.

Maybe you ARE one of those carriers. Either way, vaping is everywhere, and it's here to stay. 

Just as you might gift your loved one a top brand hairdryer or console game, a dry herb vaporizer can make the perfect gift.

We've selected just a few of our favourites below so have a read! If you need any further help, do have a read of our 'Best UK Vaporizers Guide' or try our 'Personality Quiz'.

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For the weed connoisseur: The Mighty

Listen,  500 reviews on the Storz & Bickel shop can't be wrong. The Mighty is the ultimate dry herb vaporizer.

These reviews are not from your "casual" vape-heads either. Fans of the Mighty typically have adopted vaping as a lifestyle. They'll have likely tried dozens of vaporizers yet still recognise Storz & Bickel's flagship as the world's best portable vaporizer.

So, how did Storz & Bickel build this reputation?

Storz & Bickel got their start in 2002 and all eyes have been firmly placed on them since. Their first model was the critically acclaimed desktop vaporizer "The Volcano" took the (vaping) world by storm.

At any hint of an imminent press release from their world-class team, the collective nose of the vaping community shoots into the air, eager to catch even the slightest leaked detail or breeze of a product name.

When rumours about the newest member of the Storz & Bickel family having the potential to usurp "The Volcano's" mantel arose, doubt also arose. While the penchant for lavish, over-the-top names remained, it couldn't be denied that Storz & Bickel's products had lived up to their ambitious names time and time again.

Why is the Mighty the ultimate 2020 Christmas gift?

The Mighty is definitely not the prettiest vaporizer but it's not meant to be easy on the eyes. It is also not the most portable of vapes. While rather plump and stately at 8,0cm x 3,0cm x 14,0cm, it's still relatively pocket-sized and fits comfortably within the palm.

What you really want is practicality – brains, now brawn. Powered by two 3,300mAh lithium-ion batteries, the Mighty is truly Mighty. For those unfamiliar with batteries, this means the Mighty has a lifetime of around 90 – 120 minutes.

To make the most of those minutes, the Mighty only takes 90 seconds to reach maximum heat. Speaking of temperature, users have the option of selecting their desired heat from 40ºC–210ºC  (104°F - 410°F). The two up and down buttons placed on either side of the vape's screen allows you effortless precision of one-degree increments.

Once you've landed upon your desired temperature, the Mighty's dual convection and conduction heaters will kick in to give you the most even bake-through you could hope for. In fact, many of the reviews, as mentioned above, point to this factor as their favourite. No matter how little dry herb they put in the chamber, it will be used.

Speaking of the oven chamber, it's rather delightfully large at 0.25g. Better yet, it's wide. That means that even though you're supplied with a tool for loading dry herb into the oven, you can also do it with your fingers – the no-frills vape connoisseur's preferred method.

A highly contentious addition to the Mighty is its automatic timed turn-off feature. After 2 minutes of non-use, the vape will shut off. This is intended for your safety, but it can be irksome if you like to take your time. No one wants to find their vape cold and have to restart the heating process.

Safety is a must with the Mighty. Carrying several safety and medical certifications, it has even been certified as a medical product in Canada, Europe, and Israel. So, you don't have to worry about gifting it, that's if you can stomach the (well worth it) hefty price tag.

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On a budget? Try the Herbstick Relax Fyhit

If you're still catching your breath from seeing the Mighty's price tag, here's something to relax the senses. Looking at the small-sized Herbstick Relax, it's easy to imagine a million scenarios in which its engineers cut corners. However, the only cutting this tiny vape is doing is cutting-edge (sorry.)

Its slick aluminium body, while tiny (106mm x 36.5mm x 24mm), gives a touch of "finesse" that all the stylish vapers are after these days. Plus, let's not forget that small means portable, and portable is trendy.

But what I'm really making my way towards is that the Herbstick Relax is a discrete powerhouse, hidden in plain sight. Users boast of whipping out this vaporizer in all types of settings. From work to the bus, maybe even to church – it's a smooth criminal.

You won't even get side-eye because of the smell. The well-mannered Herbstick Relax has been craftily designed to keep its more offensive odours firmly within.

And with a 0.4g monster oven chamber, it's not like there wouldn't be enough herb to fill an office block. You also don't have to be afraid of packing the chamber. Convection heating methods come to the rescue every time and ensure zero combustion (alongside even heating!) Plus, it produces clear vapour, which is best for the lungs – consider a type of guilt-free "green" vaping.

Herbstick relax pink

Precise temperature control is available, ranging between 120ºC-225ºC. However, perhaps owing to its low-price, this can only be customised by 5ºC increments. Moving on, and far outdoing its price tag is the Herbstick's haptic feedback system. Thanks to this nifty addition, your vape will vibrate when it's ready for toking.

Somehow it manages to get better. If pushing buttons isn't your style, a built-in motion sensor will "tell" your vape that you're nearby, which leads it to prepare for a vaping session.

This is all powered by a reliable 2,220mAh battery, offering double the power of its vaporizer predecessor. For £59, this people-pleasing vape won't eat into the Christmas budget by any means.

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For the Technology lovers: Pax 3 & Davinci IQ

While PAX already sits atop the mountain of companies meeting the demand for small, hand-held, battery-powered vaporizers, Davinci is still scaling. However, when it comes to their new competing editions, Pax 3 and Davinci IQ, the verdict is still out on which trumps over the other.

One thing's for sure – they're both a hit, particularly among the new tech-savvy generation of vapers. Perhaps it's because of their product-related apps, or maybe it's because they offer novel "smart" features that enhance the vaping experience.

Either way, they're blazing the trail for innovation within the vaping industry.

To begin with, they both come with a staggeringly 10 year warranty. Call it bravado, or call it confidence, either way – they're sure you'll like their vapes and will want to keep them for a whole decade. That in itself is impressive and enough to pique intrigue.

Continuing in the same vein, they both use conduction heating and lithium-ion batteries. Starting from here is where they start down their separate paths.

To start with the bones of the situation, the Pax 3's oven and vapour path are predominantly made from stainless steel, while the Davinci IQ opts for ceramic zirconia. While there's not a whole lot of difference to point out here, it's widely believed that ceramic is more naturally conductive and heat-synching than steel.

That said, you'll get more bowls out of the Pax 3 than the Davinci IQ on average despite their similar oven size (0.3g.) 

Here are some more comparisons:

 Pax 3 Davinci IQ
Time to charge 100 minutes 240 minutes
Heat up time 15 seconds 45 seconds
Battery life 100 minutes 50-70 minutes


But wait, just as it looks like the Pax 3 might be pulling ahead, it's time to bring up batteries. While both vaporizers are powered by a single 3,500mAh 18650 battery, only Davinci IQ's is replaceable. What this means is that if you're on-the-go and your Pax 3 runs out of juice – that's that. With the Davinci IQ, you triumphantly take your pre-charged battery out from wherever you keep it and continue on your merry way, with a fully-charged vape in tow.

We're really getting to the juicy bits now: the apps. It's a safe bet to say that most if not all vaporizers will have a respective app in the future. For now, it's still the domain of an elite few, notably the Pax 3 and Davinci IQ.

These apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the Mac App Store onto any android or iOS smartphone. Once downloaded, you face the tempting prospect of never having to touch your vape ever again apart from loading and unloading – quite cool if I don't say so myself.

Precision temperature control is available on both apps. However, for the Pax 3, which only has 4 temperature settings, the app is the key to accessing the whole 182ºC-215ºC (360ºF-420ºF) spectrum. On the flip side, the IQ allows full access to temperature settings of 149ºC-221ºC (250ºF-430ºF) without the app.

The discerning, calculating, scientific, or simply curious vaper will be hooked on the Davinci's real-time usage tracking. Yes, that's right. Log how much herb you start with, turn the tracker on, and watch herb quantity drop off with each toke. This very feature opens up a whole world of customisability, streamlining, and vape session optimisation through tracker analysis. Users can see just how much herb they get with every toke according to varying temperatures and times.

Naturally then, the IQ's app "smart paths" feature was an inevitability. These real-time paths allow you to preset the varying settings (temperature) for your vape session.

There is no winner between the Pax 3 and Davinci IQ. Whichever one you pick will be loved and cherished by any vaper you buy them for.

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For the hipster? Dynavap M 2020

We can't talk about Dynavap without mentioning that they are a manual vaporizer brand. In fact, their devices are by far the best known and best reviewed of all torch-powered vaporizers.

A simple: 92 mm length x 10 mm width says it all, really. You might be asking why any vaper would want a vape that could've been modelled off a cigarette. The truth is it looks good. It's old-school cool. Discrete. Oh, and it actually works pretty well in terms of everything else.

Introducing the latest iteration of the VapCap "M" by DynaVap. The 2020 "M" is still constructed from medical grade stainless steel, if you were wondering. However, several nifty upgrades have taken this vape to the next level. Let's just say it earns its capitalised M.

The new-fangled Captive Cap functional geometry is one of the starkest and eye-capturing novel features. This rather useful component holds the cap in place while allowing for smoother airflow (better clouds!) Plus, it's got an added "jut" or tail that's perfect for scooping or loading when your fingernails just won't do. As if airflow wasn't already even enough already, added airflow serrations to the vape's tip give it that last-second boost to make them that bit fluffier. Two chiral airports and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece work together to make drawing from the Dynavap M something of a dream. And if you feel like I've already mentioned 100 vape parts, that's thanks to expert modular designing.

It's worth keeping in mind that the Dynavap M is essentially considered a "go-to" or, better yet, "must-have" vape for micro-dosers. However, this doesn't mean it can't hold a substantial load; in fact, its bowl can hold between 0.1-0.5 grams. It's the adjust-a-bowl technology that makes this vape attractive to those looking for softer hits. With this resizing technology, the extraction chamber can be reduced by 50% for easy micro-dosing. And good news for all the eco-friendly vape fans out there, Dynavap only delivers with their all-new 100% recyclable cardboard packaging – lovely.

The 2020 M comes in at well under £100 so it won't break the bank. But it might just gain you the lifelong love of a vaper.

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For those that want it all: Flowermate Hybrid X

The Flowermate Hybrid X is the quintessential vape. You take one look at it, and all you think is: "vape." It's discrete, low-key, somehow matte and shiny at the same time. Portable, pocket-sized, yet also somehow fitting perfectly into the palm. It's essentially the vape equivalent of a tailored suit. It doesn't need to scream to be heard.

However, underneath this deceptively minimalistic exterior is a breathtaking interior.

Right out of the gate, the Hybrid X can take herbs, waxes, oils, and even resins! And yes, before you ask, also E-liquids. So, essentially, it's a vape of all trades. Is it a master of all, though? Let's find out.

The workmanship of the Hybrid X is exquisite. A conductive ceramic heating chamber paired with a borosilicate mouthpiece makes for a eat resistant, robust, and shockproof stalwart.

The Hybrid X has a customizable temperature range of 40ºC-260°C (100ºF-500ºF) at one-degree increments alongside an evaporation temperature between 40°C and 230°C. Funnily, many of the product reviews underline the fact that the vape "doesn't feel like it's going to explode." Which, even funnier, is a common complaint made against poorly-made vapes.

Contentment with the "non-explosivity" of the vape is mostly down to the non-combustion vape chamber, as mentioned previously. Moreover, the majority of its other components are made solely from medical grade stainless steel, meaning it's adept in dispersing heat.

It's worth noting that the vape heats up in 15 seconds and cools down in 10 thanks to an advanced "sleep mode" that shuts off all systems. This is the perfect time range for speed without the added danger of combustion.

Even then, it's still worth keeping track of the temperature displayed clearly on the OLED display. The vape may not explode, but it might just overheat fast.

Now, we're not doing all that heating for nothing. In fact, with the Hybrid X, there's a better reason to take an interest in temperature than most. Why's that? Remember the mention of all the herbs, waxes, e-liquids, and what not above? They all produce the best results when heated at different temperatures.

Because of this diversity, there's a ceramic oven on one side of the vape and a little container called the 510 thread clearomixer/ Sub X tank on the other. In the oven goes all the dry bits, and the liquid-waxy stuff in the other – all you have to do is turn the vape around. The fancy term for this is dual functionality if you're into that type of thing.

If this all sounds like a lot – it is. But don't fret; the Hybrid X's Built-in memory storage will remember precisely where you left off so that you don't have to find the right temperature over and over again.

What battery could possibly take all of this on? Why the rechargeable 2600 mAh Samsung battery, of course. With this reliable powerhouse on board, you'll get up to 2.5 hours of regular vapor clouds. Which is worth noting will all be delightfully dense and conveniently odourless.

The Hybrid X is also sub-ohm compatible, meaning that it uses low resistance coils – lower than 1 ohm. And the lower the ohm, the larger the vapor cloud as the expectation goes.

If you're buying for a frequent traveller or an on-the-go person, then this should be your pick. Plus, coming in at less than £100, it's not going to burn holes in your pocket either!

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For the 'Flavour Chasers': Firefly 2 Plus

The Firefly 2, before there was an added plus, was often met with complaints of restricted airflow. Engineers and product designers listened. Now, the Firefly 2 Plus comes with a 33% improvement in airflow, making for a more natural and smooth feel upon inhaling.

Some users have even likened the airflow to taking a sip from a thick milkshake – yummy. Interestingly, you'll find that's not the only parallel that can be drawn between this multi-talented vape and milkshake. They also just happen to share a tendency towards strong and irresistible flavours.

Where milkshakes use sugar and milk, the Firefly 2 Plus uses herbs and clouds (and oils!)

But why does its delectable flavour stand heads and shoulders above the rest? The secret lies in gentle convection paired with a pure air path. Effectively nurturing and nestling the herb, there's no chance of combustion, charring, or over-cooking. The lulling heat is spread evenly and does not concentrate in any one area, which would be a death sentence for your dry herb.

And with a temperature range of 90ºC-200ºC (200°F-500°F) choose from, you want to be sure your herb won't go up in smoke. Somehow, they've engineered the Firefly 2 Plus to heat up in a lightning-paced 4 seconds without any harmful side effects. However, a notable side effect of the vast temperature range is that maximum flavour can be achieved no matter what's put into the vape's chamber.

And to get a vape session started, all you need to do is lightly touch one of two sensors on the vape, and you're set to go.

The Firefly 2 Plus is currently on sale for £225.00 on our site. That may seem like a high-price in general, but not for the most flavoursome vape on the market!

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Christmas is a time to step back, spend time with those you love, and catch your breath. With a vape, winding down is easier, and any irritable moods or thoughts can be stifled. Essentially, by selecting from the vapes above, you're giving someone the gift of peace of mind to enjoy the festive season. Plus, these vaporizers are the "big boys" on any selection list.