Which DynaVap Is Right For Me? DynaVap M vs. OmniVap vs. HydraVong

As a market leader, DynaVap has carved out a unique space for themselves in the vaping realm. Since they’ve almost singlehandedly lifted vape pens to “cool” status, their unique design is immediately recognisable.

Still, at DynaVap, the VapLab is continuously in motion, churning out new vape ideas to suit all needs. Their team are busy brainstorming, streamlining, and inventing new ways to improve customer experience. As a result, they’ve grown a large family of first-rate vapes.

Three prominent members of this family are the DynaVap M 2020, OmniVap, and HydraVong. From looking at them, you’d know they’re related. However, their differences reside on the inside.

While not wildly dissimilar, certain features set each vape apart. Here’s a brief description containing all you need to know about each vape and what makes them different.


DynaVap M - perfect for first-timers!


While the core tech that runs DynaVap vaporizers is nearly identical in every model, the DynaVap M could be considered blueprint design – the original.

The DynaVap M is made of stainless steel which makes it heavy compared to its titanium counterparts. In fact, it’s up to 60% heavier than the sleek OmniVap. However, this doesn’t mean it’s any less portable, compact, or downright good-looking; it just means it has a more substantial feel.

When it comes to oven size, the DynaVap M is pretty standard with its 0.1g capacity. This may not sound like much, but it’s perfect for beginners. Moreover, the Dynavap M is adept in producing the most potent hits from the least amount of herb. They Dynavap M 2020 is all high-quality vapour.


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OmniVap - for those who want the very best


The OmniVap is the VapCap vape that pulls out all the stops. However, with a small chamber, cooling pathway, and a mouthpiece that work together to create delicious vapour – it follows the VapCap trend fittingly.

Still, it possesses that something extra that adds a touch of often-needed finesse and refinement to manual vaping without even requiring batteries. Here's what sets it apart:

While the Dynavap M is relatively rigid, the OmniVap is incredibly flexible and customisable. Equipped with a twistable mouthpiece that allows you to increase or decrease draw resistance, you are in control of the airflow.

Another customisable feature of the OmniVap is its adjustable oven size. You can modify it to fit between 0.02g to 0.1g of dry herb. This diversity allows everyone from micro-vapers to big-hit chasers to find an oven size right for them.

The OmniVap comes in a range of material and colour choices. However, the most commonly used materials are wood and ultra-strong titanium.

The OmniVap is a joy to vape with. Thanks to titanium's high-conduction properties, the average heat up time is faster than most electronic, high-tech vapes at 15 seconds.

But don't think that you'll have to rely on how warm the vape feels to know if it's ready to go; an automatic click system will let you know. It'll also click once again when the temperature has dropped below optimal levels. Plus, your hand should never feel too hot due to the heat-sinking properties of titanium.

This nifty heat-controlling ability also happens to be gentle on herbs, making sure there's no combusting or scalded lips and produces excellent flavour.


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HydraVonG – perfect if you enjoy bongs/water pipes


Once again, the HydraVong is incredibly portable, discrete, and follows the same design as its VapCap counterparts. However, this manual vape takes old-school to the next level.

The HydraVong has the best of both worlds; a wooden body paired with a titanium mouthpiece. Both materials are premium-grade and work in harmony to heat oven contents by gentle conduction. As the vapour flows down the airpath, its temperature is cooled by the titanium heatsink which turns it into a flavoursome, cool mist.

Furthermore, if you’re in favour of water-cooling, the HydraVong has just the feature for you. With a built-in midsection 14 mm taper, you can add any of your favourite filtration devices or water attachment.


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So, Which DynaVap Is Right For You? 

The price difference between DynaVap vapes can make choosing the right device confusing. On the outside, they look so similar that it can be challenging to understand the careful, quality-enhancing design tweaks that hide within. The OmniVap is more than twice the price of the DynaVap M 2020. However, its performance more than justifies it.

Overall, it appears that the Dynavap M is the ideal entry-level vape that is the standard gateway into both the vaping world and the VapCap series. For a rise in price with the OmniVap, you can enjoy all of the quality and features of the Dynavap M with additional customizable perks. And finally, if you’re a fan of using bongs and want to vape regularly from time to time, the HydraVong has been designed with you in mind.

In short, each vape listed above is entirely worth its associated price due to its unique features and quality standards. Either way, they all deliver that trademark, classic DynaVap vaping experience that has won this brand a cult following across the world. 🌍