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Pax Mini | Dry Herb Vaporizer
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Pax Flat Mouthpiece (2 Pack)
Pax Flat Mouthpiece (2 Pack)
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Pax Raised Mouthpiece (2 Pack)
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Pax Half Pack Oven Lid
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Pax Screens
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Pax 3 Concentrate Insert
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Pax Charger
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Pax Keychain Multi-Tool
Sale price £7.99
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Pax 4-piece grinderPax grinder with soft bag
Pax 4-Piece Grinder
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Pax Vaporizers UK

Who are Pax Labs?

Two Stanford Design Program graduates founded pax Labs in 2007 with the noble aim of making smoking obsolete.
The original PAX vaporizer won plaudits for being slim, compact, efficient, and fashionable. And its successors, the Pax 2 & Pax 3 have all proved equally popular. New devices from Pax always promise to push the boundaries of vaporization.

Where are Pax Labs based?

Pax Labs are based in San Francisico

How do Pax vaporizers work?

Pax vaporizers produce vapour via conduction i.e direct contact.

What makes Pax vaporizers unique?

Pax have set themselves apart through their unique ‘less is more’ approach to product design. Like Apple products, their devices are sleek with no protruding parts.
Furthermore, they’re not just pretty to look at; they are packed with technology too. The Pax 3 has one of the most powerful batteries available today and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Can Pax devices vape concentrates too?

PAX vaporizers are designed for herbs. However, a concentrate insert can be placed inside the Pax 3, allowing for a more varied experience

Why are pax vaporizers considered premium?

PAX always utilizes the latest cutting-edge technologies in their products. However, the core reason PAX vaporizers are so popular is their build quality. PAX vapes are famously durable. The majority of their body makeup includes stainless-steel, and their ovens are medical-grade.
Pax Labs famously back their product by offering a 10-year warranty on the Pax 3

Do Pax vaporizers produce a smell?

Like most vaporizers, PAX vaporizers give off a scent when in use. However, Pax devices have been designed to be discreet, so produce less of an odour than most devices.
Furthermore, the Pax 3 has a ‘stealth’ mode which minimises the smell even further.

When will the Pax 4 be available?

PAX Labs are famously secretive about inside processes. Therefore, it isn’t easy to make any exact predictions about how the PAX 4 might look or perform. However, most industry experts and trend analysts point towards an improved air path and USB-C port. Perhaps the most welcome addition would be hybrid heating technology, which uses a mixture of convection and hybrid heating to produce high-quality vapour.

Can I download an app for Pax vaporizers?

Yes. The PAX app is available for Android and PC users. In 2019, Apple removed all vaporizer apps from the app store, meaning that iOS users will not be able to download the app to their phones. However, they can still benefit from the PAX app’s features on the desktop version.
The PAX app allows users to customize temperature, flavour, vapour output, lights, and haptics.

Why should you buy a Pax vaporizer?

After years of honing in their talents, sharpening their skills, and widening their talent pool – PAX have managed to almost singlehandedly bring vaping to the forefront of pop culture.
Over the years, they’ve amassed a loyal follower base who eagerly await any announcements and hang off their every word. As of 2021, they have the world’s most popular vape under their belts and appear to have many exciting plans in the pipeline. If you’re looking for the future of vaping, look no further than PAX’s next step.

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