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The latest release from vaporizer giants, Utillian


The Utillian 420 looks to offer users the best vaporizer experience on a budget, providing users with 4 pre-set temperature settings, a large ceramic chamber, a glass mouthpiece, and a digital display, all in a sleek, pocketable vaporizer..

Who should buy the Utillian 420?

if you are new to the vaporizer scene or just looking to have a backup unit, the Utillian 420 is sure to meet your demands with your budget in mind.

Despite its entry-level price, it has a fast and powerful convection heater and its safety is guaranteed by its air-path which uses only food-grade materials.


Great taste, great vape

The 420 does an excellent job at maintaining flavour, especially on the first 2 temperature settings. The glass mouthpiece really allows the purity of your herbs to flow through.

At higher temperatures, you are able to achieve some nice dense vapour, without experiencing too much irritation on the throat. Once again the glass mouthpiece does a decent job at cooling the vapour before it reaches your lips.


Ease of Use

The 420 can be operated with just one button and is probably one of the easiest and most straightforward vaporizers to use. It is a great vape for beginners who desire a no-nonsense vaping experience.

The 420 comes with 4 preset temperatures:

  • 190°C
  • 200°C
  • 210°C
  • 220°C

If you prefer more flavour during your session then we suggest starting with lower temperatures and if you prefer cloud production try the higher end of the spectrum.


What makes the Utillian 420 so great?

  • 4 Pre-Set Temperatures: The 420 features 4 temperature settings; 190C, 200C, 210C, 220C, perfectly calibrated to satisfy almost any users preferred vapor profile.

  • Digital Display: The only budget vaporizer to provide a vibrant digital display, allowing you to monitor your battery level and temperature settings

  • One Button Design: Simple operation at the press of a button, the single button design ensures a hassle free experience every time

  • Sufficient Battery Life: Providing you with 45 minutes of vapour, perfect for a day of vaping and featuring a USB charger to make charging on the go a breeze

  • Glass Mouthpiece: The glass mouthpiece provides smooth and flavorful draws, giving you premium vapour quality at an affordable price

  • Perfectly portable: The 420 slips easily into pocket or bag for simple transportation and the glass mouthpiece can be stored in the unit for your peace of mind

What's included in the box?

  • 1 x Utillian 420 vaporizer
  • 1 x Mouthpiece Heat Shield
  • 1 x Packing Tool
  • 5 x Screens
  • 1 x USB Charger Cable
  • 1 x User Guide

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