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Dynavap M PhantoM | Dry Herb Vaporizer


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Dry Herbs, Concentrates and Free Shipping

Enjoy powerful hits from one of the smallest vaporizers money can buy

The 2019 edition of the 'M' is the latest mini vaporizer from Dynavap. 

The Dynavap M is now available in PhantoM (dark grey). All metal components are colorised with a PVD process, making the colour on your VapCap very durable.

The entire Dynavap range is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to battery powered vaporizers due to their efficiency, power and durability.


Almost indestructible

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, The 2019 edition of the Dynavap M is famed for high performance and durability.

The 'M' boasts a medical grade stainless steel body that renders this vaporizer almost indestructible making it the perfect travel companion.


Intense Hits

The ‘M’ allows full manual heating which allows users to curate their own bespoke vaping experience. Depending on where you heat the cap, you can choose between light and flavourful or thick and heavy clouds. With the small bowl size, each hit is intense.


Perfect for 'on the go'

The Dynavap range of vaporizers are some of the most portable and stealthiest vaporizers money can buy and the 'M' is no different. It measures in at just 9cm long with a similar diameter to a cigarette.

Don’t let its size fool you, the Dynavap ‘M’ is a real pocket rocket! From cold, it’ll produce vapour from 0.1 grams of herbs in 5 to 10 seconds, and even faster than that during a session!

Finally, it comes with a insulated plastic carrying the case, so as soon as you’ve finished your session you can throw it back in your pocket or bag even if it’s still hot!

If you vape a lot when you're out and about, the Dynavap really is a great choice!


No battery, no fuss

As with all Dynavap dry herb vaporizers, the ‘M’ requires no batteries or charging cables.

Any flame can be used, whether from a candle, torch or a lighter. Just apply the heat, wait for the click and inhale! You can finish an entire chamber in 30 seconds flat if you’re in a rush!


What makes the Dynavap so great?

  • Vaporizes in under 10 seconds
  • Super Compact - under 10cm
  • No Batteries = No Charging
  • Works With Any Flame 
  • Improved Airflow
  • Top Quality build and materials.
  • Full 12 months warranty.


What's in the box?

  • DynaVap PhantoM 2019
  • 1x Dynavap Airtight Storage Case
  • Instructions manual


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