Mighty Vaporizer - Is it really worth £249?

Even at a discounted price of £249, the Mighty dry herb vaporizer represents a substantial investment for even the hardcore vaping enthusiasts. As such, we're often asked whether or not it is worth it.

In my opinion, the answer is unequivocally a yes. The Mighty sets the benchmark that other vaporizers are playing catch up to and it has long been the only vaporizer I use when I’m at home. 

Below are three features that place the Mighty head and shoulders above its competition. 


Well Engineered = Powerful and Durable


Non surprisingly, for a Storz & Bickel product, the Mighty is a perfect example of German engineering.

It doesn't look as great as the Pax 3 but it wasn’t designed with aesthetics in mind. Instead, The Mighty has been precision engineered to extract the most out of your herbs with no frills and no fuss.

As soon as you have The Mighty in your hands you’ll note the care and attention that has gone into every inch of its design. Each part that clicks and twists feels durable and well-designed and fits together really well.

There are nothing superfluous here; each feature exists only to enhance the vaping experience. For example, even the ridges in its body expel heat so the vaporizer doesn't overheat.

The Mighty is powered by two 2,600mAh batteries giving it a total of 5,200mAh of battery power. This dwarfs even the Pax 3 which has a very competitive 3,500mAh lithium ion battery. The Mighty's extra horsepower means that on average you should get at least 10 solid sessions from the vaporizer on a full charge.

Finally, The Mighty is 100% certified safe and is built according to ISO 9001 & 13485 accreditations. Such is the build quality of The Mighty, is is the only portable vaporizer approved as a medical device in Isreal, Canada and parts of the EU.


Hybrid Heating = Maximum Extraction


Generally, a dry herb vaporizer will vaporize your herbs by implementing either conduction or convection heating.

Conduction vaporizers heat by direct contact. The advantage of conduction vaporizers is that they can heat herbs very fast.

However, they can lack efficiency. Because they heat by touch, the herbs closest to the heater are at risk of combustion whilst those furthest away from the heating element is at risk of not being heated enough to produce vapour

Conversely, convection vaporizers heat by creating an atmosphere of hot air. It is this hot air that produces vapour from your herbs. Convection heating will heat your herbs far more efficiently than a conduction heater. However, they can take some time to reach high temperatures.

The Mighty’s hybrid heating technology implements both conduction and convection heating. Its oven shares the advantages of both heating methods whilst having none of the disadvantages.

This results in the most satisfying clouds of any portable vaporizer and rivalling most desktop vaporizers. The Mighty will extract more from your herbs than any other vaporizer.


Air Cooling Unit = Great Taste and Big Clouds


Vapour is at its most flavoursome when it is cooled. However, to enjoy big satisfying clouds, you'll require high temperatures. As a result, many a connoisseur has to sacrifice clouds in order to taste the individual flavours of their strains.

The Mighty's inbuilt Air Cooling Unit solves this conundrum.

The air cooling unit is the compartment between the mouthpiece and the oven. Inside this compartment are special ridges that instantly cool down the hot vapour from the oven as it passes through. 

The air cooling unit really is a game changer - You'll be able to inhale great tasting clouds that not only taste great but produce no throat burn and coughing fits!