Zeus Arc & Arc GT: can it compete at the top of the vaporizer market?

Over the last few years, Zeus has been steadily building a reputation for producing well-engineered vaporizers that not only look great but perform great too. Their newest flagship devices, the Arc & Arc GT are their first to create a truly international buzz and we were all excited here at elevate HQ to try it out for ourselves.

The Arc and Arc GT are priced at £179 and £206 respectively which places them firmly in the most premium niche of the dry herb vape market but can it really compete with 

Highlights include all the mod cons you’d expect in a high-performance vape: haptic feedback, accelerometer and upgradeable firmware et al. However, Zeus stake their claim on producing some of the thickest and tastiest clouds but can it really compete with the likes of The Crafty, Mighty and Davinci IQ?


3 things that are great about the Zeus Arsenal Arc & Arc GT 

The Zeus Arsenal Arc has a massive battery


Both the Arc and Arc GT have a gigantic 3,500mah lithium-ion battery which is one of the most impressive.

A fully charged battery offers enough juice to provide up to 90 minutes of oven time which should translate into about nine or ten sessions.


Both the Arc & the Arc GT produce thick vapour - that taste’s great too


The taste, quality and amount of vapour produced by both the Arc and the Arc GT are absolutely outstanding and comparable to anything from Davinci, Pax and Storz & Bickel.

The oven is powered by conduction technology. An oft-cited disadvantage of conduction vapes is because they heat by touch, that they tend to heat the herbs closest to the heating element than those furthest away. This isn’t a problem for both models - they heat the entire contents of your oven evenly; after multiple sessions, I haven't had to stir mid-session once.

Another reason people stay away from conduction vaporizers is that the vapour produced is often hot and too harsh to taste. Again, this is no issue at all for either vaporizer. They implement a heat sink that has been well designed to cool down any vapour before you inhale it delivering cool, tasty hits.

The GT takes this even further. GT stands for ‘Gold Technology’ and it has this name because the oven, air path and heatsink all made of gold! Gold is one of the most thermally conductive metals. This improves taste, vapour production and flavour by:

  1. The oven heats your herbs more evenly than a typical conduction vaporizer; there are no hot spots.
  2. Like glass, gold is one of the best materials for transmitting your vapour whilst maintaining their compounds and flavours.
  3. The heat sink conducts heat away from your vapour before you inhale it so you can better taste your strains individual flavour.


The Zeus Arc and Arc GT looks and feels great!


Look at it - it’s gorgeous! The Arc and the Arc GT are quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing vaporizers alongside the Pax 3 and Davinci IQ. It’s body is made of super durable anodised aluminium and it has a tidy, black matte finish that only compliments in minimalist design. Furthermore, it is operated solely by one button that is hidden away in its mouthpiece!

Finally, it is crazy tiny too. It measures in at just under 9cm x 4.5cm making it in between the Crafty and DaVinci Miqro in size; it’ll have no issue fitting in even the smallest of hands.

All of this works to create an incredibly stealthy vaporizer, even its mouthpiece is flush to its body - it could easily be mistaken as a portable charger perhaps for those not in the know.


So does it really compete at the top end of the vaporizer market?

We think it really does! Yes, the Davinci Miqro may be smaller, the Mighty more powerful and the Pax may be the closest you'll get to an 'Apple' dry herb vaping experience but the Zeus is a great all-round performer.

Rather than being the best in one metric, the Arsenal Arc performs well across the board. It offers thick, cool vapour, is super portable without any sacrifice in power and performance.

If you're looking from one of the premier vaping experiences then you should be considering both the Zeus Arsenal Arc and the Zeus Arsenal Arc GT.