saving money on cannabis using a vaporizer

Many people switch from smoking to vaping for health reasons. Using a dry herb vaporizer avoids the inhalation of carcinogens and toxins which can tar the lungs over time.

However, vaping can be great for your bank account too! Despite the initial outlay, even an expensive vaporizer such as The Mighty will pay for itself within a couple of weeks when compared to smoking.

When you smoke your herbs you are literally setting them on fire; a joint burns at over 1000c. Exposing your herbs to such high temperatures will destroy many of the terpenes and cannabinoids before you have even had a chance to inhale them!

Also, when smoking, your herbs continue to burn between hits - over the course of a session, that's another 10%-20% of your precious cannabinoids that will never be inhaled.

Conversely, vaporizers typically only reach maximum temperatures of 210c. This will cause cannabinoids to evaporate evenly whilst leaving the plant matter itself uncombusted.

This was demonstrated in a study by Normal who found:

  • Only 25% of cannabinoids are inhaled when smoked
  • A massive 46% is inhaled when using a vaporizer
  • Smokers lose further cannabinoids through 'side smoke'.

Vaping appears to be almost twice as effective and efficient as smoking!



Let's see how this could work in real life.

Meet my good friend Audrey. very good friend!

Each evening, after a hard day's work, Audrey likes to smoke a blend of her favourite tobacco and CBD Dry Herb.

In each joint she makes, she'll use 0.5 grams of CBD Herb with her tobacco.

This means in one week she'll get through roughly 3.5grams of herb which over a month is 14 grams.

At £10 per gram, her monthly spend is £140 for the CBD herb and £20 for tobacco.


Last month Audrey decided to treat herself to a brand new dry herb vaporizer.

It took her some getting used to but now she has the hang of it she has found she can get a similar effect vaping just 0.2 grams of herbs each evening.

The means she is now vaping only 1.4 grams a week and 5.6 grams a month.

At £10 per gram, her spend on CBD dry herbs each week is now £14 per week and £56 per month - and of course, she no longer has to spend £20 on tobacco!


Switching from smoking to vaping is saving Daisy £84 each month which is over £1000 over the course of a year.


"Yes Audrey, you really could save a grand in a year!"

At this rate, a Pax 3 at £169 would pay for itself in just two months whilst The Mighty, the creme de la creme of vaporizers would pay for itself in just over 3!


It's easy to see how you can save a significant pile of money by switching from smoking to vaping. Whilst this is absolutely great the biggest benefit of vaping is by far the damage you are saving your lungs from - health is wealth!