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Introducing DynaVap's newest creation... the 'B'

Straight out of DynaVap's VapLab, the VapCap 'B' is expertly designed for vape virgins who are looking for a device that is affordable and simple to use, while still delivering a captivating experience.

Note: The 'B' is not compatible with the Dynacoil.


Expertly built

DynaVap have become a market leader in developing top performing battery-free devices for vaping dry herbs, and the 'B' is no different. Built with medical grade materials, the 'B' includes a new style of Stainless Steel Tip and the first single fin design for quick and simple extraction.


Intense Hits

The Dynavap 'M' allows full manual heating and is equipped with DynaVap's patented temperature indicating cap which allows users to curate their own bespoke vaping experience.  Depending on where you heat the cap, you can choose between light and flavourful or thick and heavy clouds. With the small bowl size, each hit is intense.


More key features

  • Tip chamber optimised for maximum extraction of your herbs
  • Condenser can be adjusted to allow you to customize your airflow and cooling
  • O-ring optional design for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Silicone stem features pentagonal anti-roll design and tip elevation geometry 


Perfect for on the go

DynaVap vaporizers are some of the most portable and stealthiest devices money can buy and the 'B' is no different. It measures just 9cm long with a similar diameter to a cigarette and has a 10mm tapered mouthpiece. It weighs about 20gm so it’s easily stashed in a purse or pocket. 


What's included in the box?

  • 1 x DynaVap 'B' vaporizer


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