Hey! You're probably on this page because you made the great decision to purchase a Dynavap M

We wanted to ensure that you have the best possible experience so this page contains a brief guide on how to get the most out of your Dynavap M



Carry out a burn off first!

In rare occasions oils and/or residue from manufacturing can be left inside your DynaVap’s oven. We advising completing a quick burn-off first. This will ensure your first session with your new vaporizer is a great one.

To carry out a burn run just follow the instructions below without any herb in your VapCap.


Packing the DynaVap

First things thirst, we need to pack the DynaVap with your choice of herbs!

We can do this pretty easily by pushing the VapCap itself into a container of our herbs and twisting.

The DynaVap is unique - grinding herbs is only an option rather than a prerequisite.

If you do chose to grind, avoid doing it too finely; it will risk your herbs getting through the filter into the vape itself.


Heating your DynaVap

Put the VapCap back on to the body of the DynaVap. Now it is time to apply some heat!

You heat the DynaVap by exposing the VapCap to a or flame or some other source of heat. DynaVap's work best with a three flame torch; we have one for sale here!

Whilst heating, rotate the oven slowly. The intensity of your vapour depends on where you apply the heat.

You can have higher temperatures by apply the flame further in on the cap, towards the mouthpieces.

Have a play around during your first few sessions and see what works for you.

When your herb is ready to be vaped, your DynaVap will click.


Vaping with the DynaVap

Whilst take hits on the mouthpiece it is worth playing with the carb to see what works for you.

Some prefer to vape with the hole completely open whilst others lightly cover the hole with their fingers.

In my experience, leaving the air hole unblocked allows a smoother vaping experience.

When the VapCap clicks again it means the oven has now dropped below vaping temperature. You can either finish your session or apply more heat.

You can remove the used herb by blowing. You can remove stubborn bits by using the end of the VapCap to dig it out.


Further Reading


We are sure you'll enjoy your DynaVap M!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Happy vaping!