3 ways vaping can boost your sex life

There are a variety of opinions when it comes to cannabis and sex. Some have the belief it is a powerful aphrodisiac whilst others argue that it will put a dampener on things.

As with most things, the reality is more complicated than that. Both humans and cannabis plants are complex organisms. However, there are indeed many reasons to believe that vaping can improve your sex life. Three of them are below!


Help get you in the mood


The most important sexual organ isn’t in our pants; it’s in between our ears! Our mental and emotional states are imperative for healthy sexual relationships. This is where cannabis could possibly help.

Being unable to switch off from the stress in our everyday lives can be a big barrier for many couples. Vaping can help switch off from the stress, help you relax and make your self mentally available for your partner.

Furthermore, compounds such as CBD can help decrease anxieties so you have the confidence to try new and exciting things.


Have more sex


All the available data suggests that those who enjoy cannabis also enjoy more sex. For example, in the US, in states where cannabis laws have been passed, the birth rate has increased by 12 birth rates a year per 10,000 women.

This data is also supported by a study undertaken by the ‘Journal of sexual medicine’. In a survey of 60,000 people, they discovered that women who consumed cannabis were 34% more likely to have sex that week than those who hadn't.


Have better sex

It's not about quantity; quality is far more important! The good news for those of us who are vaping the good stuff is that we're more likely to enjoy better sex too according to further scientific studies.

In a study carried by Becky Lynn of St Louis School of Medicine 2 out of 3 female cannabis users said that cannabis made sex more pleasurable. In the same study they also found that users are twice as likely to have had orgasms.

Furthermore, women who did use cannabis before sex appeared to have more lubrication and less pain during intercourse than women who did not.


Microdose to avoid taking too much!

Vaping large quantities at high temperatures can place you in an introspective and sedative mood. If you're elbow-deep in a bag of popcorn whilst binge-watching a box set, you'll be no fun for your partner!

The best way to avoid this is to micro-dose. 

Micro-dosing is a consumption method where we vape quantities small enough to change our mood with no psychoactive effects. Microdosing can be useful in relieving stress, anxiety and inducing relaxation. Certain vaporizers like the Dynavap were designed with micro-dosing in mind.

When I microdose I have a heightened awareness, a sense of overall calm and I'm less irritable. The perfect state of mind to get in the mood!


Always check consent!

Finally, the best sex is fun, safe and fully consented to. It is always best to discuss your activities with your partner before you start vaping.