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Dynavap NonaVong | VapCap UK Vaporizer

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Powerful performance, hand-crafted from Premium materials and it’s a piece of art... What more do you want?!


Just like the Dynavap M, The NonaVong is borderline indestructible. Furthermore, it boasts Dynavap’s famous VapCap system and a titanium tip that’ll fit into any 14mm water filtration piece.

Dynavap employs artisans to handcraft each and every Nonavong and as a result it a visual work of art as much as it is an example of exquisite engineering. Only premium stainless steel, titanium and walnut wood is used in its construction creating a timeless look and feel.


Love water filtration?

The NonaVong VapCap is sized to fit perfectly with any 14mm glass water filter making it a must for connoisseurs who want to pull only the coolest big and tasty hits.


Intense and adjustable hits

The NonaVong offers complete control of your vaping experience. By adjusting where you apply hits and using Dynavap’s ‘airport’ carb you can choose between light flavour hits or thick satisfying plumes - it’s all up to you.

Because of the manual heating, the VapCap NonaVong does not heat your herb between hits making this one of the most efficient vaporizers on the market.


What makes the Dynavap NonaVong so great?

  • Herbs to vapour in less than 10 seconds
  • One of the smallest, most discreet vaporizers you'll ever use
  • No Batteries, No Charging, No Fuss!
  • Heat With Any Flame Source 
  • Improved Airflow
  • Top Quality build and materials.
  • Full 12 month warranty


What's in the box?

  • DynaVap Nonavong device
  • 1x Dynavap Airtight Storage Case
  • Instructions manual

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