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The updated version of the Flip Brick is enhanced for even cooler vapour

The Flip Brick is the smallest Sticky Brick vape so far designed to work with a bubbler, bong, water took or water pipe. Ready when you are, the Flip Brick provides instant heat and vapour - no more waiting!


 Updated model

The latest model of the Flip Brick is just slightly bigger than the original. The flame intake and glass stem have also been extended. This combination results in a longer airpath which means your water filtered vapour will be even cooler. This edition also comes complete with two restrictor discs which will help you combat combustion.


Premium, handcrafted materials

Each Sticky Brick is handmade in North Carolina out of beautiful natural hardwood. With the Flip Brick being the smallest device in Sticky Brick's range, it is perfect for both on-the-go and at home vaping.

The adapter is made of top-quality borosilicate glass which is both durable and ensures smooth and tasty vapour on every draw.


Hassle free vaping

The Flip Brick gets its power from a butane lighter (included), meaning no batteries or cords are required to use the device. No waiting for it to charge to use, or worrying about the device running out of battery while on the go!

Simply fill the chamber of the Flip Brick, flip the device and connect it to your glass water tool (not included). Use the torch lighter to heat the air intake and enjoy thick and cool clouds of vapour!


Compatible with concentrates

The Flip Brick comes with a stainless steel pad to use for concentrates. Place the pad into the heating chamber and drop your concentrate on top before firing up the device with your butane lighter.

Effortless cleaning and maintenance

To clean your Flip Brick, wipe down with water using a cotton swab and dry thoroughly. Do not clean the wooden parts with isopropyl alcohol. The borosilicate glass can be safely soaked in isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to rinse with water after submerging/cleaning.


Please note: The Flip Brick is designed for use with a water filter/piece, which is not included with this device 


Technical specifications

Dimensions 952mm x 952mm x 459mm
Materials Hardwood, Simax Borosilicate Glass, Magnets
Heating source Manual (Torch Lighter)



What's in the box?

  • Flip Brick (latest update) vaporizer
  • 1 x Glass heat intake
  • 1 x 14mm male connector
  • 1 x 18mm male connector
  • 6 x Replacement screens
  • 2 x Restrictor discs
  • 1 x Stirring tool
  • 1 x Torch Lighter (unfilled)
  • 2 x Wooden stir sticks

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