Can you fail a drugs test vaping CBD E Liquid?

Drugs test - can you fail it?

August 14, 2019

Unfortunately, several of us have jobs that require us to be tested sporadically for cannabis.

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Because of this risk, people are increasingly turning to vaping CBD to manage pain relief and anxiety. However, how many of us have considered if CBD E Liquid could trigger a positive result on a drugs test? 

How is cannabis tested for in the UK?

Typically, cannabis drugs tests are only screening for THC; the infamous cannabinoid responsible for getting you ‘high’.

There are several methods available to test for cannabis but the most often used in workplaces is a ‘urine’ test. In the UK, to pass a pee test, you must not have any more than 50ng/mL of THC in your urine.

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Under current UK law, CBD products are legal if they are derived from hemp plants with less than 0.2% THC.

At a concentration of 0.2% THC, you have had to vape over 2,000mg of CBD Vape Juice to be at risk of failing a drugs test. This is the equivalent to vaping over ten bottles of our 200mg Eliquid or four bottles of our 500mg in a very short period of time.


So it'll be impossible for me to fail a drugs test?

Very unlikely but not technically impossible.

THC is extremely fat-soluble and is rapidly absorbed within the body's fatty tissue.

That amount of THC stored in your body will depend on your weight, diet and how often you consume.

THC can be found in the body for up to 15 days for those who vape causally and a maximum of 30 days for those who vape heavily.

Though again, I must reiterate, this would be an extreme scenario of someone who vaped 2,000mg of CBD!

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Also, you can be at risk of failing a drugs test if you are not certain what is in the CBD E-Liquid that you're vaping. Some products have been tested and found to have more than the legal amount of THC,

Fortunately, every batch of our CBD E Liquid is independently verified by a third-party laboratory. You can see an example certificate here.