Supreme Grinder


Save your wrists and watch the Supreme Grinder grind a bowlful of herbs in just a few seconds

As I'm sure you know, you'll have the best vaping experience when using finely ground herbs which can be difficult with a manual grinder

The Supreme Grinder takes the chore out of packing your vape by producing perfectly ground herbs whilst you sit back and watch!


What makes the Supreme Grinder so great?

  • It's powerful - three AAA batteries* is all the Supreme Grinder needs to provide hours of 'grind' time.
  • It's fast - Grinds a bowl of herbs in just a few seconds
  • It's convenient - the rounded cap makes pouring herbs into your vaporizer really easy.
  • It's portable - handheld and light, it can be carried anywhere you go


*batteries not included

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