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DaVinci's newest masterpiece: The IQC


The DaVinci IQC is the latest creation from DaVinci. It sits comfortably between the original IQ and IQ2 from a price point and feature perspective, and furthers DaVinci's ambition of creating the best performing and most innovative vaporizers in the world.

Its default settings are super easy to use, which means vape virgins will be able to pick it up and puff away. However, take a closer look and you'll find an array of options that will delight vape veterans by offering one of the most tailor-made vaping experiences of any device available in the market today.


Premium build, stellar performance


The IQC boasts an improved sleek design, with a much lighter and thinner feel compared to the IQ2, making it ideal for on the go.

DaVinci promises to build with only the cleanest componentry, which is reflected in the vapour path of the IQC. No metals or plastics are used – the vapor path is made of zirconia and glass, providing purity and exceptional flavour to all your vaping sessions.

The 0.5g oven is made from high-temperature silicon, which does a really good job of dampening heat. This means your device stays cooler for longer, allowing for extended sessions.


Smart Paths for Smart Vapers

The IQC features the typical precision and boost vaping modes, but what really sets DaVinci products apart from other vape brands is the Smart Path feature which allows the creation of your own vaping journeys.

Via the DaVinci web app (compatible with both iOS and Android OS), you can create your own bespoke paths to target particular terpenes or cannabinoids. Alternatively, you can use one of the IQC’s four pre-set paths:

  • Flavour: 170°C – 190°C
  • Body: 191°C – 200°C
  • Mind: 201°C – 210°C
  • Rest: 211°C – 220°C

There a literally dozens of paths you can create, meaning that potentially no vaping session will be the same.


Replaceable battery

A replaceable battery does not sound like a big deal but it’s an incredibly rare and highly demanded feature! The IQC comes with a battery which fully charges in 2 hours and is replaceable. So you can carry extras for your out and about days.


For peace of mind, the DaVinci IQC comes with a 5 year warranty.



 Battery Life Up to 90 minutes
 Battery Capacity 3,000mAh
 Charging Time 120 minutes



    What's included in the box?

    • DaVinci IQC vaporizer (with replaceable battery)
    • 1 x 10 mm water adapter
    • 1 x Extra pick tool
    • 1 x Brush tool
    • 1 x Charging cable (USB-A to USB-C)
    • 3 x Alcohol wipes
    • 1 x Instructions manual

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