Hey! You're probably on this page because you made the great decision to purchase a Flowermate Hybrid X; possibly the most versatile herbal vaporizer.

We wanted to ensure that you have the best possible experience so we created this brief guide on how to to get the most out of your Flowermate Hybrid X.


Charging the Flowermate Hybrid X

It takes between 90 - 120 mins to charge your Flowermate Hybrid X. You’ll know when it is ready because the battery icon on the screen will show as full.

It’s advisable you charge it plugged into the wall as opposed to a laptop.

You will maximise the life of the battery if you do not leave it plugged in for extended periods of time - i.e overnight.


Perform a quick burn-off of the Hybrid X's oven

Once the battery is fully charged, it is worth performing a quick 'burn-off' of the Flowermate Hybrid X's oven. A burn-off will clear any leftover residue from the manufacturing process

To carry this out, turn on the dry herb oven by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession.

Set the temperature to its maximum (260C/500F) by using the + temperature button. Once reached, the power button for 2 seconds and the oven will begin to heat up. 

Leave the oven on for five minutes then let it cool down for 30 seconds. Repeat and then it's ready to use!


Packing the herb oven with dry herbs/resin/wax

Press the switch on the top side of the device to open the lid.

You can place your dry herbs into the oven directly or the stainless steel pod. I prefer using the oven direct but it'll be easier to keep clean if you use the capsule.

You'll especially want to use the capsule if using resin or wax as they can get very sticky!

Personally, I prefer using the oven direct but it requires more cleaning!

Place herb into the oven until it is at least ¾ full and pack it down using the dab tool that comes with the device.


Packing the herb oven with oil

When vaping oils or soft wax you should ALWAYS use the capsules.

If vaping oil place cotton inside the capsule and add drops until the cotton is saturated - but be careful to not overfill as this will damage your oven.


Using the herb oven on the Flowermate Hybrid X

Take the glass mouthpiece out of the body of the device and screw it on top of the dry herb oven.

To Activate your Hybrid X press the power button five times within 2 seconds.

You can set the temperature using the + oand - buttons. You can change from Fahrenheit to Celsius by holding the + and - together at the same time.

Once you’ve set the temperature, hold the power button to activate the ceramic oven.

Once the device has reached your desired temperature the fire symbol will appear on the LED screen, indicating it is ready to vape.


Filling the E-Liquid tank of the Flowermate Hybrid X

Unscrew the base of the tank from the chamber and carefully pre-soak the heating coil with your e-liquid.

Proceed to fill the tank from the bottom by tilting it slightly, it's important to avoid getting e-liquid into the central airflow tube!

After filling the tank, replace the base and check for leaks. When you're sure it's all secured, screw it back into the Hybrid X.


Using the Flowermate Hybrid X with E-Liquid 

Turn on the mod tank side of the Flowermate Hybrid X by pressing the power button 5 times in quick succession.

You can change the wattage by using the + and - buttons. When vaping CBD it is advisable to vape below 20w.

The Hybrid can reach up to 60w if using suitable E Liquids.

To take a hit, hold the power button and the Hybrid will heat and create vapour instantly for 10 seconds. Suck on the mouthpiece whilst holding the button.


Getting a "No Atomizer" message?

This normally occurs because your atomizer base is not making direct contact with your coil.
Please do the following:
1. Disconnect the tank and unscrew the base
2. Unscrew the head of the atomizer from the atomizer base
3. Clean inside of the atomizer base (using something like an earbud)
4. Reconnect the coil to the atomizer base, making sure that the coil is screwed in tightly.


Further Reading


We are sure you'll enjoy your Flowermate Hybrid X!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Happy vaping!