Over the last few years, Dry Herb Vaporizers have taken the UK by storm and it is quickly becoming the most popular way to consume dry herbs, resin, concentrates and oils.

There are literally hundreds of vaporizers available in the UK today in a variety of different shapes and sizes. At Vape Elevate we made the decision to only stock the very best vape in each category and price point; we've tested them all!

Below you'll find that criteria. We will update this list in the first week of every month to ensure it is up to date and relevant. If you need any further help we also have our quiz that will narrow down a selection of vaporizers for you after answering 5 questions.


Included in this article 

  • Best overall performance
  • Best budget vaporizer (under £50)
  • Best battery-free
  • Best ultra-portable dry herb vaporizer
  • Best affordable vaporizer (under £100)
  • Best discreet vaporizer
  • Best multi-purpose vaporizer


The Mighty - Best performance from a dry herb vaporizer

Based on power, cloud production & flavour.

Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you’ve been lucky enough to have a play with The Mighty, you’ll know for your self why its regarded as the daddy of dry herb vaporizers.

It’s manufactured by Storz & Bickel who are fully fledged certified vaping geniuses. This company are world renowned for having built the most popular desktop vaporizer in the world; The Volcano.

The approach with The Mighty was to create a portable vaporizer that provides a vaping experience as similar as possible to the power of a desktop vaporizer. The Mighty comes very, very close!

We have over 50 different portable vaporizers laying around elevate HQ and The Mighty easily outperforms them all.

Two things I love about the Mighty

🙌  The thickest clouds from a portable vaporizer

The Mighty produces the thickest, most flavourful clouds out of any vaporizer I have used, bar none. This is because the device is absolutely jam-packed with some of the most advanced technology available in vaporizers today including :

  • Hybrid Heating Technology - The Mighty’s oven has all the advantages of both conduction and convection heating with none of the disadvantages. As a result, The Mighty is able to ensure maximum extraction of terpenes from your herbs whilst also producing dense, tasty clouds.
  • Advanced Cooling Unit - The Mighty’s cooling unit is truly an example of genius. In between the oven and a mouthpiece is a compartment that holds mist with special ridges that it must pass over. These ridges are specially designed to cool down the mist before you inhale it. This sounds like a small thing but it works absolute wonders if you enjoy tasting the individual flavour notes in your herbs. Another advantage of this is that it allows you to inhale massive amounts with no risk of throat burn
  • Dual 2600mAh lithium-Ion Batteries - The Mighty has not one, but two 2600mAh Lithium-Ion batteries which provide more power than any other vaporizer I’m aware of (happy to be corrected if I’m wrong!). Not only does this help power the cloud production but it provides nearly 2 hours of vaping time too!

🙌  The Mighty is very simple to use

 You’d be forgiven for assuming that a vaporizer with so much technology packed into it would be difficult to use - WRONG!

Surprisingly, The multiple features of The Mighty actually serve to make it incredibly easy to produce decent plumes of vapour. 

Literally, all you need to is turn the device on, set the temperature and all the features inside The Mighty work harmoniously to produce the clouds you'll be sipping in no time!

One thing I would change about the Mighty

🤔 The Mighty is quite large 

 The Mighty is quite large for a portable vape. If you’ve watched any of Cara's videos, you’ll know this is especially true for her as she has relatively small hands!

If you're most likely to be vaping from the comfort of your own home this is probably not an issue for you. However, if you vape outdoors it is worth noting that it is a struggle to fit in normal sized pockets.


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Herbstick - Best budget vaporizer (under £50)

Based on performance vs price.

Herbstick Dry Herb Relax

I’ll admit, this was a tough choice between the Herbstick and the Black Mamba but the Herbstick wins by a photo finish - because its the budget vaporizer I use personally!

A budget vaporizer is a great choice if you’re a vape virgin and are apprehensive about spending a large sum of money on your first vaporizer. The Herbstick has a place in a veteran’s collection too; it’s a great vape to take out to festivals.

Two things you will love about the Herbstick

🙌 The Herbstick is very well built.

At elevate we do budget but we do not do cheap!! The Herbstick was clearly engineered to last and is made solely from quality materials.

It has a full aluminium body which means you don’t have to worry about it taking a drop and falling apart.

Furthermore, the Herbstick boasts a full ceramic oven which is a great material for ovens due to its non-porous qualities: Once you complete the initial burn off, it will not contaminate the taste of your herbs. 

Finally, unlike most other budget vaporizers, the Herbstick’s mouthpiece doesn’t get hot. This is because it is made out of silicone which does a good job of not conducting heat.

🙌  The Herbstick is super portable!

If you vape on the go, the Herbstick can be a great choice. It measures just 10cm long and should fit easily into most pockets and handbags.

Inside the device is a very respectable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. When fully charged it can provide up to 100 minutes of continuous vaping. This should easily last you an entire day.

One thing I would change about the Herbstick

🤔 The mouthpiece on the Herbstick reminds me of a nipple!

 Yes I know I lauded the mouthpiece earlier but I’m not the biggest fan of the choice of using silicone for the mouthpiece.

Silicone is great for not conducting heat but it feels like it sucking on a nipple (lol!) which just feels a bit weird. I prefer a firm sturdy mouthpiece!


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Dynavap M - The best non-battery dry herb vaporizer

Based on ease of use and vapour production

Dynavap Dry Herb Vaporizer

For me personally, the entire Dynavap range represents an entire change to my outlook in vaping. Before I used the Dynavap I was not very keen on manually heated vaporizers. However, having spent just two weeks with my Dynavap M, we became inseparable and I now use it as often as my electric collection!

Two things you will love about Dynavap M 

🙌  The Dynavap is incredibly easy to use.

My biggest gripe with manual vaporizers was that it was too easy to misjudge the temperature of the oven. I often found myself sipping to soon or even worse letting the oven get too hot and burning my herbs to a crisp.

Dynavap has come up with an intuitive way to help you judge the temperature. The Dynavap M’s oven clicks when it reaches temperature and then clicks again when you need to apply heat again.

As long as you’re listening out for the clicks it is an absolute cinch to use.

Also, another first is the ability to control the level of vapour production; something that used to be unique to electric portable vaporizers. By changing where you place the flame, you're able to decide whether or not you want to prioritise vapour production or taste - very clever!

 🙌  The Dynavap M is the most discreet herb vaporizer I have owned.

They Dynavap M is super discreet and is the perfect vape for anyone who needs to micro-dose. First off, it is the tiniest vaporizer you’ll ever use - roughly the same as a cigarette. Second, it's really easy to heat up and third, it produces vapour in 5 seconds flat. Voila.

You can pack it, heat it and vape it inside of 20 seconds and before you've caught anyone's attention. The Dynavap M is my favourite toy for family functions!

One thing I would change about the Dynavap M

🤔 The Dynavap produces quite harsh vapour.

 Because the Dynavap M reaches blazing hot temperatures so quickly, it produces clouds that whilst high in density can be quite harsh. On a big inhalation, you may find the vapour really hot if you're new to vaping.


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The Crafty+ - Best portable vaporizer 

Based on performance, portability and battery life.

Crafty Dry Herb Vaporizer

Yet another entry from vaping gods Storz & Bickel. The Crafty+ takes everything that was great about the mighty and squeezes as much as the technology as possible into a device less half the size and weight... and then adds Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone!

The Crafty is a similar size to a modern-day iPhone and measures in at 11cm x 5cm x 3cm and weighs just 135grams. It is practically unnoticeable in your pocket!

Two things you will love about The Crafty+

🙌  The Crafty is packed with the same innovation as The Mighty

Just like its bigger brother The Mighty, the Crafty+ has both hybrid heating technology and Storz & Bickel's patented cooling unit. This means that you can now carry around the best vapour production device in even the smallest of pockets!

🙌  The Crafty+ has its own app

Also, The Crafty+ has its own smartphone app. However, generally, I’m a traditionalist. The Crafty can be used just fine without a smartphone and for the first few months that is how I used it; I assumed the app to be an unnecessary gimmick.

I’m happy to say I was proven wrong, the app is an absolute game changer and will change the way you vape!

The app lets you set the temperature selections, adjust the LED brightness on the unit, and change vibration/notification options.

You can even set your phone to vibrate and jingle when herbs are ready to be vaped. Despite this sounding annoying, it wasn't! It saved me so much herb.

One thing I would change about The Crafty+

🤔 Nothing!

This is a first, but I literally can’t think of a way to improve The Crafty+. For its size, the vapour production is top notch. When deciding on which 'premium & ultra-portable' vaporizer to stock the choice was between The Crafty+ and the highly regarded Davinci IQC

After a week of using both all of us here at elevate agreed that The Crafty+ offered the superior vaping experience - and we rarely agree on anything!!

If you twisted my arm, I would say lack of a LED temp screen on the device itself but to be honest, with the phone app renders this quibble redundant.


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niiceone - Best affordable vaporizer (under £100)

Based on value for money vs performance & technological innovation

niiceone best affordable vaporizer

If elevate was a vaporizer it would probably be the niiceone. This device is made by UK brand, niicetech; they set out to provide a premium vaping experience without emptying your pockets; exactly the same reason we started our shop!

Two things you will love about the niiceone

🙌   The niiceone is a premium but affordable vaporizer

For an affordable dry herb vaporizer, the niiceone is an absolute stunner and comes packed with innovative features you would expect in a vaporizer twice the price. Everything about this device screams quality.

The inbuilt haptic feedback system vibrates to notify you when your herbs are ready to be vaped; you’ll be surprised with how much herbs this will save you! Also, the niiceone has a dual ceramic and stainless steel oven.

Finally, the niiceone has a full LED touchscreen that allows you to choose your vaping mode and select precise temperature settings. o

All of this is packed into a sleek, smooth and robust aluminium body that weighs just over 100 grams and is just 10cm in length. The mouthpiece folds neatly into the body when you’ve finished a session, so it's easy to travel with.

🙌  The niiceone is a solid choice for a first-timer

The niiceone is incredibly easy to use and as such, is a safe choice for anyone looking for their first vaporizer.

To produce smooth vapour, all you need to do is turn it on, set the temperature and in under sixty seconds you’ll be sipping on your first clouds! Easy!

One thing I would change about the niiceone

🤔  The niiceone should be kept clean

The niiceone's size does have a disadvantage; the airflow holes in the oven and mouthpiece are minute. If you forget to use a filter or don’t keep it clean it can get clogged up quite easy

Prevention is definitely better than cure - keep this beauty clean!

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Pax 3 - The most discreet dry herb vaporizer

Based on stealth, performance and portability

Pax 3 vaporizer

The Pax range of Dry Herb Vaporizers are quite possibly the best-looking money can buy. However, they’re more than a pretty face; they not only high performing but they are incredibly discreet too.

Using the Pax makes me feel like a vaping ninja. You can pull it out, switch it on, vape and put it in your pocket before anyone knows what you're doing. Due to its 'invisible' mouthpiece, the Pax 3 is unrecognisable as a vaporizer to those not in the know.

You'd expect the manufacturers of a vaporizer so small and discreet to have to make sacrifices in performance. Not with the Pax - it has all the features you'd expect of a premium vaporizer... and then some more!

Two things you will like about the Pax 3

🙌 The Pax 3 has allows you to change vaping modes.

We've all come to expect a modern herbal vaporizer to have some sort of temperature control. On top of the usual temperature control, the Pax 3 also has vaping modes which will give you a degree of control you've likely never had before from a herb vape.

Connecting the Pax 3 to the Bluetooth app will give you access to four vaping modes.

  1. Stealth - For when you want to be a vaping ninja (like me!). This mode causes the Pax to quickly cooldown between draws to minimise the smell. The lights also dim.
  2. Efficiency - Efficiency mode is perfect for long sessions where you want to get extra mileage out of your herbs. This mode automatically optimizes the temperature of the oven for maximum and consistent vapour production
  3. Flavour - Flavour mode allows you to taste the individual nuances of each strain you enjoy. It optimises taste at the expense of vapour production.
  4. Boost - the mode for those of us who just love big clouds. Perfect when you want to vape loud and proud! 

🙌 The Pax 3 has one of the most impressive batteries of any herbal vape.

The Pax 3 has a massive 3500mAh battery which makes it only second to The Mighty. This will vape your herbs in just 15 seconds and provides enough juice for seven or eight 15 minutes sessions.

I'd class myself as a heavy user and I can go on a long weekend away with my Pax and only charge it once; the perfect travel companion!

One thing I would change about the Pax 3

🤔 The Pax 3 isn't a great choice if you vape with oils and liquids.

The Pax 3 complete kit comes with an option to add a liquid insert but to be honest there are other vaporizers that do liquid far better; such as the Flowermate Hybrid X for example.

I gave it a good go with the Pax 3 but was unable to produce satisfying clouds from oils, even on the highest temperature.

The Pax is perfect for herbs but i wouldn't recommend it if you enjoy vaping oils and concentrates.

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Flowermate Hybrid X - the best multi-purpose dry herb vaporizer

vaping with the flowermate hybrid x

Based on ability to comfortably vape herbs, concentrates and oils

When it comes to vaping dry herbs, there is now more choice than ever. Further to herbs and flowers, it is now possible to buy concentrates, oils and waxes. To reflect this change, an increasing number of vaporizers are being designed to handle multiple materials. Unfortunately, more often than not, a vaporizer either vapes flowers well or oils well or concentrates. It is rare that a vaporizer will vape all three well.
Well, the Flowermate Hybrid X bucks that trend. This isn't a dry herb vaporizer that happens to vape oils. Instead, this is basically two separate vaporizers in one device that has been designed to vape all three materials equally well and it shows. 

Two things you'll love about the Flowermate Hybrid X

🙌  It is two high quality vaporizers in one device.

With the Flowermate Hybrid X you're getting a vape that will compete with any similar priced dry herb vaporizer and any E-Liquid mod; it really is that good.
On one side is the dry herb vape that features Flowermate's ceramic oven made famous in all of their high-end vapes. It also has a medical grade borosilicate-glass mouthpiece - this is one of the most superior materials for delivering flavourful vapour.
Flip the device however, and you have a full service, on-demand E-Liquid mod with adjustable wattage!
Best of all, both mouthpieces are removable so you can just carry around what you require for the session.
🙌  It has a secret stash compartment.
If you flip a switch on the Hybrid X's body, the top will pop open revealing a compartment. I use this to store a secret stash, for example, when I'm getting into a festival. It really is a nice little touch!

One change I would make to the Flowermate Hybrid X

🤔 It has several small parts and add-ons

The only disadvantage of the Flowermate Hybrid X is that it has a lot of spare parts. These include the two mouthpieces, E Liquid mod, oil capsules and pods. That is a lot of stuff to keep track of and not lose!

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