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Arizer Vaporizers FAQ

Arizer is a Canada-based vaporizer company that's gained standing and respect within the vaping industry over the last decade. Their vapes are some of the most well-known on the market, even making tv appearances in series such as Hannibal and some Netflix specials.

Their team are dedicated to researching, designing, and manufacturing quality products to suit all vaper demands. However, they haven't won their reputation for following trends or using cutting-edge-technology; rather, their design philosophy focuses on being 'simple yet effective.'

They released their flagship product, the SOLO, to the market in 2011 to award-winning acclaim. The brand has since branched out with new product model enhancements.

Arizer produces a great range of both desktop and portable vaporizers. The V-Tower and Extreme Q are among the finest desktop vapes available on the market, while the Solo and Air series of vaporizers have raised the bar with each release.

What models are in Arizer's collection?


Culminating from 14 years of technology development and considering customer feedback, the ArGo is Arizer's perfected product. Its pocketable design hosts a wealth of advanced technology that allows for powerful hits.


The SOLO is the original Arizer portable vape. It set a high standard for all of Arizer's future vapes.


The Air, like an e-cigarette, is sleek, modular, and portable. Due to being made from removable parts, the Air is quick and easy to use.

Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer that boasts a balloon attachment, meaning that vapers can fill up their balloons with vapour for later inhalation. Moreover, its design includes a Whip System and a smart aromatherapy feature.


It's no secret there are certainly vaporizers out there with more elaborate features than the Arizer V-Tower. However, its design focuses on durability and quality – not on the complexity of its circuitry.

How do Arizer vapes work?

Interestingly, Arizer vapes' typical two-piece design keeps its materials in the removable mouthpiece and out of direct contact with the oven. This feature reduces combustion rates allowing for a more smooth, even vapour.

Their patented hybrid heating technology means that convection heating bakes the material evenly while conductive heating mechanisms work to heat the material's surface. Their specialized electronic heating systems gradually vaporize the active ingredients out while leaving the toxins behind, locked in the plant matter.

What is an Arizer Aroma Tube?

An aroma tube is a feature unique to Arizer vapes. It's a departure from the familiar ceramic or stainless steel chambers of most other vapes. Instead, Arizer vapes boast a removable borosilicate glass chamber that smoothes vapour as it travels along the airpath.

What materials can Arizer vapes use?

Most Arizer vapes are solely compatible with dry herb vaping. However, some of their vapes, like the Extreme Q, can be used with oil and wax concentrates if you use a specialized concentrate insert.

How long do Arizer vapes last?

With their sturdy ceramic heating ovens, borosilicate glass vapour paths, and all-around smart build – Arizer vapes can last up to five years, if not longer. Still, depending on the model of your Arizer, you can expect a two or three-year warranty. For example, the Extreme Q features a three-year warranty, while the V Tower comes with a standard two-year warranty.

Are Arizer vapes safe?

Arizer designs their vapes using exacting precision and safety-conscious expertise. Any plastic components within the vape are maintained far away from heat sources. Moreover, their borosilicate glass aroma chambers ensure that no contaminant find their way into materials or vapour. Plus, this glass form is famously durable in the face of extreme heat or perturbance.

Arizer designs their vapes using ceramic ovens that are industry-approved and rarely if ever, result in accidents.

What makes Arizer stand out?

While the Arizer brand is unique in its own right, some design elements set their vapes apart from their market counterparts.

Interchangeable batteries

Without fail, every Arizer vape's batteries can be recharged and interchanged. This feature is a departure from the vaping industry norm of fixed batteries that solely require recharging.

Convenient stems and mouthpieces

A core selling point of Arizer vapes is that their mouthpiece tubes can be loaded in advance and swapped out within a matter of seconds. However, perhaps the most noticeable feature of any Arizer vape is the SOLO's famous bent stem. This feature allows users to practically sip vapour from their vape as they would a drink from a straw.

Wide range of accessories

Arizer offers a massive amount of aftermarket support for its products with a range of accessories and replacement parts. ArGo Pre-Load & Go Case is the newest addition to their accessory line, which offers users a safe place to store their vape's glass parts.

Their PVC Travel Tubes have also just recently hit the market and allow users to pre-load their doses and take them on the go.

Mid-range price bracket

Currently, the vaping market has premium-priced vapes or low-cost vapes in abundance. It isn't easy to find a model between these price ranges that also offers a sublime vaping experience. Fortunately, Arizer designs and prices their vapes to fill this market gap.

Which Arizer should I purchase?

For those who can't make their minds up or are just venturing into vaping for the first time, Arizer offers a range of bundles and starter kits.

However, if you'd like something more precise, the SOLO II could be right for you as a beginner. Its large, easy-to-read LED screen, paired with straightforward controls and a durable battery, makes it a reliable pick for any novice.

For more intermediate vapers, the Arizer Air 2 offers a customizable experience alongside high vapour quality.

If you're an advanced vaper, you might want to try out the Arizer V Tower. This versatile vape can be a steamer, essential oils diffuser, potpourri warmer & even an aromatherapy device.

Final thoughts on the Arizer brand

Thanks to their affordable price, high-quality vapour, and simple design, Arizer vapes are now a mainstay of the vaping market. Their portable vaporizers are among the best on the market, with the Air and Solo series setting the bar for the entire industry. Arizer continues to exceed itself with each iteration.

Due to their pioneering vision and dedication to customer experience, vapers who opt to vape with Arizer products are sure to be catered to for years to come.

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