already vaped bud

If you’ve been using a dry herb vaporizer and emptying the contents of the oven into the bin when you’ve finished vaping, you’re missing out on some potentially very potent herb.

When you smoke, any leftover cannabinoids left in your herbs are destroyed and all you’re left with is foul-smelling ash.

However, when vaping, the vaporized herbs will still contain roughly 30% of its yummy cannabinoids and terpenes

The number of cannabinoids left in your herbs will largely depend on the particular strain you have and the temperature you vaped it at.


First Rule: Do not let your herbs turn black!


Ideally, we should always be avoiding combustion of our herbs but if you vape your herbs for too long or at too high a temperature there is a risk that your herbs may burn.

Plant matter typically combusts at temperatures in excess of 210c. You’ll know if your herbs are too vaporized if they close to turn black.

To be on the safe side, vape at temperatures of 200c and below. This will allow maximum extraction of cannabinoids when vaping whilst still ensuring you herbs are effective to be used again.


Potent Edibles


When you vaporizer your dry herbs, the high heat you expose them to effectively decarboxylate them, for example, turning CBD-A into CBD which makes your AVBs perfect to create effective edibles.

Up to 30% of the cannabinoid which can make very effective edibles.

The easiest way to use herbs in edibles is to make cannabutter which can then be substituted into any recipes that call for butter.




Tinctures are a great option when you need to dose discreetly and are unable to pull out your vape; two drops underneath your tongue and you’re done!

A tincture is essentially just infused alcohol. They’re very strong and effective especially when ingested sublingually which is why they’re a popular choice with medical users.

Tinctures have become increasingly popular in recent years and hemp tinctures can now be purchased on the High Street from stores such as Holland & Barrett However, you can save yourself a pretty penny as they are really easy to make at home!

To create a tincture you just take a pile of your AVB into a small cooking pot, add a strong spirit such as vodka so it is just covering all of your herbs.

Then all you need to do is place the pot on a low heat (70c) and simmer without letting the pot come to boil.

After 20 mins, strain the mixture using a sieve or cheesecloth and place in a jar for storage.

To use you can use a droplet and place a 1ml drop underneath your tongue.

When dosing a tincture sublingually, expect to feel the effects in 15-45 minutes and reach your peak high at about 90 minute

Tinctures are great because they’ll last for years if stored in a cool dark place and can be a perfectly discreet way to medicate when you’re unable to pull out your dry herb vaporizer.

If you’re watching your figure they’re also be easier on your calorie allowance than cannabutter!