Best UK affordable vaporizers

We started Vape Elevate because we wanted to provide smokers with a healthier way to enjoy their herbs without charging them the world to do so - so we put our heads together and built a collection of the UK’s best dry herb vaporizers for less than £100.

Over the years we must have tested literally close to 100 different dry herb vaporizers. Rather than stocking dozens of devices, we made the decision to stock only the very best affordable vaporizers of the following categories :

  • Best vaporizer under £40
  • Best vaporizer under £50
  • Best manual dry herb vaporizer
  • Best multi-purpose vaporizer under £50
  • Best looking vaporizer under £100
  • Best multi-purpose vaporizer under £100

As a result, we have affordable vaporizers for everybody. Whether you vape herbs, concentrates or e-liquids you'll find quality only quality devices come with full UK support and warranty!

Before we start, there are a few myths around herbal vaporizers; let’s debunk those before listing our favourite affordable vaporizers.


Myth One: Cheap means poor quality

The same features that could once only be found in an iPhone can now be found in a slew of Android phones that are available for half the price.

The vaporizer industry is not too different. Thanks to the technological advancements of the last five years, features that could only be found in vapes priced north of £150 can now be found at the fraction of the price.

Features such as ceramic chambers, convection heating, haptic feedback and full temperature control can be found at Vape Elevate for less than £100.


Myth Two: Cheap vaporizers do not have a long-lasting life

Similar to Myth one; this may have been true once upon a time but this is now no longer the case.

I purchased a Herbstick nearly 24 months ago and despite having a wide variety of vaporizers at my disposal I still go back to it because it is so durable and works almost as well as the day I purchased it.

Furthermore, any vaporizer purchased from comes with warranty and technical support - so keep calm and vape on!


So, in no particular order: 


Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer #1: Black Mamba - Best vaporizer under £40

The Black Mamba is possibly the best recognised affordable dry herb conduction vaporizer in the UK. Its unique shape allows for a larget ceramic chamber that holds about 0.65 making it perfect for sharing and parties.

Three reasons we love the Black Mamba

1. The Black Mamba is powerful

The Black Mamba is powered by a 1600mah battery that can produce vapour from your herbs in 2 seconds and will reach maximum temperature in just over 20 seconds.


2. The Black Mamba is incredibly easy to use.

The most common problem we hear from vape virgins is the difficulty in producing sufficient clouds from a dry herb vaporizer.

Because of its sheer brute force, this is not a problem with the Black Mamba - it produces vapour easily and as such, has one of the most gentle learning curves of any affordable vaporizer.

Furthermore, it is operated from just a single button. You just hold it to turn the device on and then you can cycle through the temperatures by clicking.

The 5 LEDs indicate the set temperature. When the light turns from red to green it has reached the desired temperature.


3. The Black Mamba has a food-grade airpath. 

The entire air path of the Black Mamba is made of borosilicate glass which is by far the best material for conducting steam without losing flavour.

However, there is a caveat; glass is incredibly easy to break - so don’t drop it! Lucky we do sell replacements for only a couple of quid!


Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer #2: Herbstick - Best vaporizer under £50

The Herbstick is still one of my favourite vaporizers. It’s massive 2200mah battery still lasts for over 90 minutes despite it being just over two years old.

The vape is made entirely of aluminium so is durable and also has six colour-coded temperature settings that can be controlled with just one button.

Herbstick - Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer

Three Reasons we love the Herbstick

1. The Herbstick is durable

Find me another vape whose body contains no plastic with a full aluminium body for less than £50…

...Nuff said!


2. The Herbstick has conduction heating

Dry herb vaporizers are typically powered by either conduction or convection heating.

Conduction heaters heat the contents of an oven by direct contact - similar to cooking over an open fire. Just like cooking over an open fire, conduction vapes heat your herbs powerfully and quickly.



3. The Herbstick is very good at dispersing heat

A downside of may affordable vaporizers is that they tend to conduct heat to the wrong places and as such can be either hot to hold or have a really hot mouthpiece (i'm looking at you, Black Mamba!).

I’m not sure how, but the Herbstick disperses heat really well.

No matter how long your session is the body device never gets too hot to hold even at temperate north of 200c.

Also, the mouthpiece is made entirely of silicone which does not conduct any heat at all - no danger of burnt lips here!


Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer #3: Dynavap M - Best manual dry herb vaporizer

 I've never been the biggest fan of manually heated vaporizers. They're normally quite fiddly and have a habit of burning my herbs rather than vaporizing it. However,  Dynavap is a game-changer. All of their devices are easy to innovative to use and provide a great degree of control over your vaping experience. Best of all, their entry-level model the 'Dynavap M', can be pick up for around £70!


Three things we love about the Dynvap M

1. The Dynavap M is incredibly stealthy

I think Dynavap M is possibly the most compact vaporizer I have ever used. It is pretty similar in width and length to a cigarette. Furthermore, it is very quick to get going to. You can pull it out, apply heat, take a hit and put it away in well under a minute. It's perfect for when you need to microdose at work for example.


2. The Dynavap M lets you know when to apply heat

The biggest problem with most manually heated vaporizes is that it can be difficult to judge when you have applied enough heat. The majority of my attempts to use a flame powered vaporizer results in either no vapour being produced or completely burning my herbs.

Dynavap vaporizers solve this with their innovative 'Vap Cap'. When you apply heat, the cap will 'click' to let you know it is time to vape. After a few minutes, it'll click again to let you know it has cooled down and that it is time to apply more heat or end your vaping session.


3. The Dynavap is indestructible

That heading is not hyperbole, the Dynavap M is quite literally indestructible. There are no wires, you don't have to worry about getting caught out in the rain and theirs no danger of batteries overheating. Instead, its entire body is made out of stainless steel. 

As a result, Dynavap M is my perfect travel companion; it's survived hiking trips, bike rides and festivals.

After heavy use, all you need to do is drop the vaporizer in a cleaning solution for a few hours and it comes out as good as new!


Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer #4: Flowermate Aura - Best dual purpose vaporizer under £60

The Flowermate Aura is a great entry-level vaporizer for anyone who wants to vape more than just dry herbs.

Further to herbs, it can also be used with liquids, oils, waxes and concentrates.


Three reasons we love the Flowermate Aura

1. The Flowermate Aura has a massive long-life battery

Depending on the edition, the Flowermate Aura is powered by either a Samsung or LG 2600mah battery which is massive for a vape priced at £50.

To put it in context, this is the same sized battery as the Pax 2 which currently sells for £129.

On a full charge, the battery in the Flowermate Aura should give you enough juice for up to 7 - 10 sessions - great for a vaporizer of this price range


2. The Flowermate Aura boasts temperature control

The Flowermate Aura also boasts precise temperature control which is great for users who want to fine-tune their vaping experience.

To change the temperature, all you need to do is use the + and - buttons. Set it to the temperature you need and then the oven will begin to heat up.


3. The Flowermate Aura can vape pretty much anything

First and foremost, the Flowermate Aura is a top quality dry herb vaporizer. However, it also puts in a solid performance when used to vape waxes, concentrates and ovens.

Inside the box are two special capsules; one for liquid and one for concentrates and waxes.

To vape liquid, you just pop some cotton in the capsule and then drop a few drops of oil onto it until it is saturated.

Then you just place your capsules into the oven and vape away!


Best cheap dry herb vaporizer #5 - Fyhit Relax - Best vaporizer under £75

You can place the Herbstick (Fyhit) Relax next to a vape twice its price and it will proudly stand its ground.

The Herbstick Relax has taken everything that was great about the original and has somehow managed to make it more compact whilst squeezing a bigger and more powerful oven, a rotating mouthpiece and full temperature control all into one of the best-looking vaporizers on the market.

It also has a hard-cast aluminium alloy body can take a good knock too - so it may be for you if you travel a lot.


Reasons we love the Herbstick (Fyhit) Relax 

1. The Herbstick Relax performs like a vaporizer twice its price.

The Herbstick Relax performs absolutely great. Within seconds of turning it on the oven will begin to effortlessly produce great tasting mist and vibrate to let you know when it's ready.

Also, the Herbstick Relax is powered by a rather large 2200mah battery that produces vapour in 20 seconds and will reach maximum temperature in a minute and a half. 


2. The Herbstick Relax is a solidly engineered vaporizer.

Make no mistake, the Herbstick Relax looks absolutely great.

The entire device is sleek with no protruding parts, even the mouthpiece folds flush into its body.

Its features all the mod cons such as precise temperature control and haptic feedback.

All of this is squeezed into an adonized aluminium body that measures less than 10cm - you hardly feel it in your pocket!



Best Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer #6: Flowermate Hybrid X - Best multi-purpose vaporizer under £100

This vaporizer is a Hybrid in name and hybrid in nature  - it is literally two vaporizers in one body and it’ll vape anything you throw at it, whether it be herbs, liquid or concentrates.

On top of that if you flip it around it features a removable sub-ohm tank in case you want massive instant clouds from your liquids.

The mouthpiece is detachable too and fits into the main body making it a great vaporizer to accompany you on long days out.


Three reasons we love the Flowermate Hybrid X

1. The Flowermate Hybrid X is literally two vaporizers in one device.

The biggest problem with multi-purpose vaporizers is that they either vape herbs or liquids very well.

The Flowermate Hybrid X avoids having to sacrifice performance on any materials because it is literally two vaporizers in one device.

On one end is a high-quality dry herb vaporizer. Turn it upside down and you have a first class E-Liquid mod tank.

The Hybrid comes with a Smiss SubX tank that you screw easily into its 510 port.

Once, it’s all set up you set the wattage from a range of 5w - 60w, press the power button and instantly be exhaling big thick clouds.


2. The Flowermate Hybrid X vapes dry herbs very well.

The Hybrid X boasts Flowermate’s ever-popular ceramic oven. Over the years the Flowermate oven has been attuned to be able to quickly reach high temperatures whilst guaranteeing no combustion of your herbs.


3. The Flowermate Hybrid X has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece

Finally, the Hybrid X has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece. Though it is not the most durable material, glass is by far the most superior material for conduction great tasting clouds - the only reason it is not more widely used is because of its fragility.

When not in use the glass mouthpiece can be stored in a compartment inside the Hybrid X body so you’re unlikely to break it!