munchies from cannabis

One of my favourite things to do after a session is to eat! After vaping, food just tastes, smells and feels so much better!

Although the munchies can be fun, they can quickly lose its appeal when it begins to affect your lifestyle goals.

I have my holiday coming up in a few weeks and am trying to be ‘beach body ready’. 

Read on for some tips and tricks that helped me to limit my evening binges!

Prepare food beforehand

My mum always used to tell me “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and she’s right!

Often, it not necessarily the amount of food I eat. Instead, the problem is what I eat.

Unfortunately, I never have the desire to cook a delicious and nutritious curry after vaping, despite my curries tasting peng!

On the other hand, processed food and takeaways are very convenient. So I've begun to cook nutritious and delicious meals before I pull out my vaporizer.

As soon as the munchies hit, I warm it back up and tuck in!

Lock all junk food away!

Believe it or not, will power is an infinite resource. Its levels are at their highest in the morning but can slowly dissipate throughout a long stressful day.

I've decided to accept that in the evening I'm a version or my 'morning self' and have removed all temptation from my house. As a rule, during the week, chocolate, cake and crisps are banned from my cupboards!

With cupboards empty of unhealthy snacks, I've been significantly less likely to be stuffing my face with fat, sugar and carbs. 


Keep your mind busy

Another saying popular with my mum was "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" and yet again, she is right.

After a session, if I'm not doing anything, my mind wanders. If I leave it wandering too long it'll eventually end up on food and default into scavenger mode!

The best way to counter this is to keep your mind busy. After vaping, your mind can be at its most sensual and creative. Make the most of it! Listen to some music, draw, enjoy a nice bath or even go for a walk!

PS - If you haven't tried yoga high, you haven't lived!


Brush your teeth!

This is a great trick! As soon as you finish vaping, brush your teeth with double the toothpaste you’d usually use.

Generally, toothpaste makes all food taste disgusting!

By the time the minty taste has left your mouth leaves your mouth, hopefully, the desire the binge will have dissipated too.


Preempt your binging.

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, even the best of us succumb to the munchies.

To preempt this, perhaps do your planned workout and burn those extra calories before you start vaping. 

In fact, this goes for anything important on your day's agenda. If you need to get something important done, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of, “I’ll do it later." You probably won’t, so just do it before you vape.