Holding Black Mamba Vaporizer

Vape Elevate answers your most pertinent questions.


Vaping is the perfect alternative to smoking. Not only are vaporizers healthier, but they are also discreet and in the long run will save money.

However, the art of vaping herbs can take some getting used to.

Vaping does not produce thick smoke like when your smoking a joint. Mist produced from vaporizers is lighter and sometimes difficult to see but this doesn’t mean it is any less effective. As long as your vaporizer is heated up to the right temperature, any active compounds in your herbs will evaporate for you to inhale and enjoy its effects.

Despite being relatively nice and easy to use, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your vaporizer.


Ensure you herbs are finely grounded

I’ve placed this at number one for a reason! A good grinder is imperative to a good vaping experience. Grinding your herbs maximised the surface area that can be exposed to heat. This ensures that the heat will be better distributed and you’ll release far more yummy terpenes.

If you’re using a conduction vape such as the Black Mamba Vaporizer, you’ll need to grind your herb especially fine. Conduction vaporizers work by transferring heat directly between your herbs so they have to be as compact as possible.


Fill your oven but not too tight!

Now it is time to fill the oven. It is important that you do not pack your oven too tight. If you overfill the oven you will restrict the airflow and prevent air passing through the chamber and into your mouth!

With conduction vaporizers, I would advise you pack the oven as tight as possible without restricting the airflow.

However, if you're using a convection vape such as the Fyhit Relax, do not pack the oven more than 80%. This is because convection vaporizers work by heating the air in the oven. It is the hot air then heats your herbs. If you your oven is packed too tight, there will not be enough hot air to produce mist.


Use the right temperature.

This is the most debatable tip. Each member of the Vape Elevate team prefers to vape their dry herbs at different temperatures.

In short, the higher the temperature, the stronger the effects will be. However, the tradeoff is you will lose some flavour notes.

Vaping at lower temperatures means you can better taste the delicate nuances of each strain. However, any high will likely be limited cerebrally.

Personally, I like to begin a session on a low temperature - around 160°C and then turn it up 10°C every 20 mins or so - I get the most out of my herbs this way and means I enjoy both the flavour as well as the high.


Sip - Don’t rip!

You’ll have a better vaping experience if you take shallow sips from your vaporizer instead of a hard rip, such as when you pulling from a bong.

Sips work better because when you draw hard you pull a lot of cool air into the oven. When you sip, only a small amount of air is bought in at any one time meaning your vaporizer can better maintain its set temperature.

Different vaporizers require different pull strengths so have a play around - on average, drawing softly for 8 seconds seems to work best for me.


Give your vaporizer time to heat up

Pretty much every vaporizer will give you an indication of its temperature.

It can take some time for a battery to heat an oven upwards of 100°C. As such, you should wait until your vape is at the right temperature before you use it.


Keep your vape clean!

This may seem obvious but I regularly see a lot of dirty vaporizers (looking at you Cara!)!

It is especially important to give the chamber, filters and mouthpiece a quick wipe after every use if you want to maximise the life of your vaporizer.

After a session, the last thing you will want to do is clean your vape but like doing the dishes, it really is best to get it out of the way!

Once the vaporizer is fully cooled, the leftover residue will congeal which will turn cleaning into a chore.

The residue will eventually block your air paths meaning fewer clouds, less taste and less fun. Just remember, a clean vape is a happy vape!


I hope that was interesting! If you would like any further information please contact us.

Otherwise, take a look at our vaporizer collection.