Review: Crafty+ (Plus) - the King is back?

If any vaporizer brand could be considered vaping royalty, it would probably be Storz & Bickel.

For nearly two decades, they've been the benchmark for innovation within vaping performance and their range of vaporizers: the Volcano, Mighty, Plenty & Crafty are all generally agreed to be some of the best devices in their respective categories.

Believe it or not, the original Crafty is now nearly six years old but it has enjoyed this time as the certified 'King' of ultra-portable dry herb vaporizers.

It is a testament to the high quality that half a decade after its original release it is still recognised as one of the best vapes.

However, brands have been playing catch up and vaporizers such as the Davinci IQ and Firefly 2 Plus go to great lengths to claim the Crafty's throne.

In an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, vaping legends, Storz & Bickel went back to the drawing board and released the much improved Crafty Plus but does it improve on the original?

Let's find out!


Three things the Crafty+ (Plus) does better than the original

More powerful and better battery life.

The biggest complaint of the original Crafty is the length of its battery life. When designing the original Crafty, S&B wanted to keep as many of the features of The Mighty as possible and to a large extent, they did. However, due to the small frame of the Crafty sacrifices had to be made. In this case, they chose to have a smaller battery. As a result, a fully charged Crafty only provides 5/6 sessions.

Thankfully, Storz & Bickel took this criticism on board. The Crafty+ (Plus) takes full advantage of the recent improvements in battery technology. Not only does the Plus reach full temperature in half the time, but it also has double the battery life too.

A complete charging cycle should provide up to 10 vaping sessions; this is a massive difference!


Better vaping performance.


From a first glance, it may appear that the Crafty Plus is very similar to the origional model but you couldn't be more wrong. It may have a similar shape, feel and look but massive changes have been made under the hood.

The Crafty Plus has an upgraded circuit board that enhances the hybrid oven. You'll notice the improvement in performance straight away. No matter how hard you inhale on the mouthpiece, the oven is able to keep up and maintain vaping temperatures. Also, the air-flow has been improved; blowing clouds has never been more effortless.


An even longer warranty

The Crafty Plus has a warranty of three years. It's a little gesture, and chances are you will never need it. However, an extended warranty period can give you that peace of mind when spending £200 on a dry herb vaporizer.


Is the King back? 


The Crafty+ (Plus) very much represents an evolution than a revolution. However, this is not a criticism because the original Crafty is so good!

I wouldn't advise rushing out to buy the Plus if you already have the original Crafty. However, if you're in the market for a high-end, premium vaporizer, you can't really go wrong with The Crafty+ (Plus). A few sessions in and you'll be as big a fan of Storz & Bickel as we are!