Mighty Vs Crafty: Sibling Rivalry

Everything Storz & Bickel build is stereotypical of German Engineering. They have built a reputation across the world as the best vaporizer engineers on the planet. Everything that comes out of their factory is built for high performance and reliability. Their two most popular vaporizers, The Mighty and The Crafty produce the thickest, tastiest clouds money can buy.

Despite them both being top of the range, they each have their own separate strengths over each other. To help you decide on whether The Mighty or The Crafty is the right one for you, we decided to compare the two based on our own experiences. 

Round One: Vaping Experience

The clouds produced from both The Mighty and The Crafty are closer in vapour quality to a desktop vaporizer than a typical portable vaporizer.

This is because Storz & Bickel take a unique approach to heating. They sacrifice heating speed and instead prioritise efficiency and maximum extraction from your herbs and concentrates.

The Mighty & Crafty both implement hybrid heating. This means they have all the advantages of conduction and convection ovens with none of the downsides.

Their ovens first toasts your herbs via convection, this ensures your herbs are evenly heated. Then towards the end of a session, the conduction heater will kick in to squeeze every possible terpene available to be inhaled by its user!

Winner of Round One - DRAW!

Round Two: Portability


The most obvious difference between The Mighty and The Crafty is the size.

The Mighty measures in at 14 x 8 x 3cm which makes it a full inch taller and wider than They Crafty at 11cm x 5.7cm x 3.3cm. Believe it or not, this inch is a massive difference when it comes to portability.

The Crafty is a perfect size for being carried in a pocket or small handbag. On the other hand, The Mighty is just a bit too big for me to consider it a true portable vaporizer.

It is worth noting as well, there is no hiding The Mighty; if you’re using it, you’re using it loud and proud! The Crafty, however, is discreet enough to fit snuggly into the palm of your hand!

Another win for The Crafty is its weight of just 135g. This is comparable with other portable vaporizers such as the Pax 2 which weights 95. The Mighty, however, is a whopping 235g!

The Crafty is it is charged by a standard USB 2.0 which you can find literally in any home or office - great if you run out of battery on the go. The Mighty’s juice is provided by a Storz & Bickel 110v charger. It is likely you will only ever charge your Mighty at home.

Winner of Round 2 - THE CRAFTY!


Round Three: Power

A clear advantage of the Mighty’s size is its ability to hold twice the battery power of The Crafty. The Mighty holds 2x2600mah lithium-ion batteries whilst The Crafty only holds one.

As a result, you can expect up to 10 sessions with The Mighty whilst The Crafty will only provide six.

Despite the difference in battery capacity, they provide a similar vaping experience. Both the vapes will produce vapour from herbs within 90 seconds.

The Mighty still holds the advantage and will reach 200°c in just 1 minute 45 seconds whilst the Crafty too just under 3 minutes.

Both these times are slower than most vaporizers on the market, however, this is an intentional design feature to maximise vapour production. Trust me, it is worth the wait!

Winner of Round Two - MIGHTY!

Round Four: Design & Ease of Use.

Both The Mighty & Crafty are fairly easy to use. Because they produce copious amounts of vapour with no fuss they lack the learning curve of some of the lower priced vaporizers.

To use the Crafty you hit the power button. It’ll then vibrate when it has reached its vaping temperature of 180°c. By double-clicking on the button you activate boost mode which will cause the vaporizer to rapidly reach 195°c - great for a quick sessions

The Crafty also has a remote control you can download as an app on your phone. The app allows you to change the two temperatures preloaded into the vape.

The Mighty has a digital temperature control typical of electronic vaporizers which is just as easy to use - you just use the plus and minus arrows to set the temperature you want to vape at.

Both The Mighty and The Crafty boasts a useful auto shut-off feature alongside haptic feedback to ensure that not a single wisp of vapour is wasted whilst it’s fully digital temperature control system means you can tailor your vaping session exactly how you like it.

They also come with unique so-called ‘filling aid’, a large tray that connects with the supplied grinder and simplifies filling the bowl and means spillages are kept to a minimum

Finally, both vaporizers are built with medical grade products and have an air path totally separated from the electronics.

Winner of Round Three: DRAW!


The Overall Winner?


We are perennial fence sitters so we are not going to make the decision for you.

Both the Crafty and the Mighty easily produce the thickest clouds of any vaporizer I have ever used. If you can afford it, you're buying a great vaporizing experience whichever one you choose.

Whether or not The Mighty or The Crafty is better for you depends on how often you vape on the go outside your home.

If you vape when you are out and about, The Crafty is for you. Otherwise, you can’t go far wrong with The Mighty if you want big powerful clouds in the comfort of your own home.

If you need further help choosing a vaporizer we made a quiz that will make recommendations for you based on your answers! 

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