Why we fell in love with the Magical Butter Machine

It seems as though our much-loved plant is becoming more versatile by the day, and there have never been more innovative canna-products on the market than right now.

However, there's a certain old-school charm to making these products yourself. Given that cannabis preferences are primarily personal – sometimes it's best to use your own recipe.

That's where the Magical Butter comes into play. We're always sceptical when approaching a new dry herb gadget. After all, millions of them fly onto the market every day; it can be hard to separate the duds from the winners. 


What's the purpose of cannabis oil extractors/butter making machines?

Cannabutter machines allow you to infuse the active ingredients of your herbs into alternative products. As of now, the popular recipe of choice is cannabis-infused butter or cannabutter; however, various herb-infused oils, tinctures, and lotions are also regularly made using oil extracting machines.

Understandably, we're never sure what to expect when unboxing a new oil extractor. When we took the Magical Butter from its box, our expectations rose considerably. 


The Magical Butter looks great.


The machine looks like any household appliance, meaning that it could blend into my kitchen effortlessly. In fact, there's very little that separates it aesthetically from your average coffee maker. So, first impressions were that it's a good-looking machine, perfect for the discrete user.


It's easy to use 

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the stainless steel pot has its controls conveniently placed on its top. We had the option of choosing between four temperature settings:

  • 54℃ / 130℉
  • 71℃/ 160℉ 
  • 88℃ / 190℉ 
  • 104℃ / 220℉ 

There are also four different timers from 1 hour to 8 hours. Usually, when selecting the correct temperature and time on extraction, devices can get complicated – fast. So, what really blew us away about the Magical Butter was just how intuitive and natural its controls were. In earnest, you could almost use them with your eyes closed after the first try. 


A quick guide to how the Magical Butter Machine works 

 While everyone has their take on the perfect cannabutter recipe, we decided to use the most basic for our first try. Our basic butter recipe goes as follows – unsalted butter, botanicals, and lecithin (an excellent emulsifier).

Once you've thrown your ingredients into the pot and picked your settings, all that's left to do is press 'start'. Next, the Magical Butter's heating unit will kick into gear to soften and activate the contents. Using its immersion blender, the Magical Butter will make sure that all ingredients mix thoroughly for an even, smooth finish. 

Naturally, once you're done, it's best to wait for your concoction to cool down and pop your result product into the fridge for a while. Botanically-infused butter usually needs to be filtered and refrigerated until ready for use. However, if you're feeling impatient, you can throw it in any recipe.


Added decarbing accessories 

As anyone who's tried to make 'infused' good from their stash knows, "decarbing" marijuana is a large part of the process. The chemical reaction that converts compounds like THCA into THC, or decarboxylation, is generally achieved by baking your dry herbs in the oven, although other methods also exist.

Conveniently, the Magical Butter machine comes alongside a "DecarBox" that can hold up to 3 ounces of dry herb. So, thanks to the Magical Butter, the decarboxylation process is as easy as packing the DecarBox and subjecting it to heat (it can even fit in a toaster!)


It had us at "Self Cleaning."

However, where the Magical Butter truly comes into its own is at the end of the cannabutter-making process. While most oil extractors require vigorous cleaning to stay fresh and usable, scrubbing is the last thing we have on our minds when we have new cannabis-infused oil or butter to use. Cleaning our machines is regularly a burden we leave until the next day, which can quickly damage the device. 

That's what makes the Magical Butter's self-cleaning function a winning selling point for us. Before we set about making our cannabutter, all we had to do was fill up the pot with water between its marked "Min" and "Max" points. Next, we squirted in some washing-up liquid before placing the pot's top firmly back on. With the touch of a button (clearly marked clean,) our pot started to wash self-clean. After 4 minutes, we poured the soapy contents of the pot into the sink. Left behind were impeccably clean and shiny stainless steel sides without a trace of pesky oil or butter left behind.


Almost entirely scent-free 

Another appealing asset of the Magical Butter Machine is that it somehow manages to contain its scent despite regularly dealing with potent ingredients. In fact, if it wasn't for the noise, we figure it would be easy to forget it was even working.


Final Thoughts 


Any machine that will grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract all by itself for a hassle-free experience is worth the price tag. The Magical Butter machine opens the possibility of finding new, delicious ways of consuming marijuana to anyone who uses it.

The Magical Butter machine is a smart investment for regular consumers of marijuana edibles. For £10 to even £20 a pop for a pot brownie, this device can save you a lot of money. However, it's multi-purpose build makes it a smart purchase for those looking to get innovative with their cannabis use. 

Furthermore, the appliance is very versatile, and you can use it for making a variety of other foods and drinks in the kitchen. Either way, it's won us over and sits firmly atop our "favourite cannabutter making machine" list!