Is the Davinci IQC worth the upgrade?

The Davinci IQC might have a lower price than the IQ2, but it doesn't make it inferior. The latest dry herb vape device by DaVinci has several advantages over its predecessor. With Smart-Technology, Bluetooth App Connectivity, and lighter weight make the IQC a superior product.

Let's start with what makes this vaporizer different from the rest:


1) Smart-Technology 

The IQC features Bluetooth App Connectivity; it allows you to track your use and determine the best mode for use. I enjoy changing between day and night use options to control my buzz. You can choose one of the four preset settings or customize your level for a more personal touch. The App also lets you control the intensity of the heating. With this feature, you can decide which temperature level is best for specific strains of dry herb. I like this feature because I get the biggest bang for my buck.


There are four different use options—these include-Flavor, Mind, Body, and Rest. 

The flavor temperature is an excellent setting if you love the taste and aroma of cannabis terpenes. It produces the lowest temperature to preserve as many compounds as possible during your vaping session, and it stays between 350 and 370 °F during this mode.

The mind option is ideal for those who want a more tranquil experience. When using the mind setting, you will notice that your body is relaxed and calm as you can focus more easily on your tasks. This mode warms your dry herb between 370°F to 390°F and this aids in slowing your mind without making you feel tired or sleepy.

The Body option is a good setting for those who want full-body relaxation. When it heats between 390°F to 410°F, you can expect a strong sedative effect that will calm your entire body. 

The Rest mode is perfect for vaping at night before bedtime, and it's excellent for inducing the most relaxation and helps you say goodnight to the day. This setting ensures your dry herb is heated constantly between 410°F and 430°F.


2) Portability

The Davinci IQC fits better in my hand, and the design is just better for me. It's lighter and feels balanced, while the IQ2 sometimes felt a little bulky after using it for long periods. Removing the airflow combustion system allows for easier traveling, and the change didn't affect use as much as you'd expect. Instead, it reduces the weight and makes it the perfect handheld vaping device on the market.

Is the Davinci IQC Worth the Upgrade?


I have had a few dry herb vaporizers by DaVinci, and I have to say that this one is the best yet. It's easy to use, gives you the perfect temperature for your desired experience, and looks great. Like a smartphone app and a shorter charging time, the new features make the Davinci IQC well worth the upgrade.

If you want an all-in-one device for dry herb and want to vape on the go without having to bring anything extra with you, this is your best option. It has everything you need packed into one vaping device. Plus, it's the more affordable option for dry herb. You don't lose quality when you choose the Davinci IQC.