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The 2019 edition of the Dynavap M was one of my favourite vaporizers of last year. Despite requiring manual heating, the entire Dynavap range is intuitive to use and despite their minute size, they pack a punch! 

As an ardent fan, I was excited to get my hands on the Dynavap M 2020 and have used it pretty much every day since it was launched.

If you don't already own a Dynavap, the new 2020 M is the perfect addition to any vape aficionado's collection. However, is it worth upgrading if you already own last year's version?

I'll try and answer that below!


Who are DynaVap?

Dynavap emerged to the vape industry in 2015 with an idea of a simple but effective portable vaporizer that wouldn’t require a battery and was affordable for everyone. The company quickly gained the liking of the customers who enjoyed their one-hitter style VapCap vapes. Soon, DynaVap’s products evolved from just a single, glass unit to several collections that have three things in common – the vapes are quick, affordable and satisfying.

The company introduces themselves as a family of dedicated engineers and technologists who are enthusiasts of vaping. Their passion leads to designing, engineering and manufacturing all of their products in-house using the best materials available on the market.


Why the DynaVap is so popular?

It was said that originally the DynaVap’s products were quite expensive, however, since the release of DynaVap M, the company brought their unique vaping experience to a broader audience. The M edition of the vape turned out to be much more affordable and thanks to that became more popular throughout the fans of vaping. Regardless of the low price, DynaVap M still provides extremely high durability and quality, and its price is kept down by using medical grade stainless steel instead of titanium for the whole body of the device.


What’s new with the DynaVap M 2020

Dynavap m 2020 Close Up

Yet again, DynaVap outdid themselves with the newest update of the DynaVap M. Their latest vape, which is an improved version of M 2019, is presented with the new tip, cap, airport, packaging and body. 


DynaVap changed the way the device arrives in our doorstep and it is no longer packaged in a plastic tube but in a recyclable cardboard shell. The shell is not only made out of recyclable material but also can be used as a case, so the user doesn’t have to throw it away straight away. When the device is open, the shell holds it in place but then locks it securely when one closes it.


At first glance, the cap may look identical to the old one, however, after taking a closer look we can see two small detents on both sides of the cap. These indentations allow holding the cap in place, while still allowing it to freely turn. Thanks to that the user is going to get great airflow without worrying that the cap might be too loose and fall off. This is certainly a great improvement on the older design as it offers a logical fix to an annoying problem.


The tip of the 2020 M has a completely different design compared to the older model. This time, DynaVap offers its customers the adjust-a-bowl feature – and thanks to that you are able to reduce bowl’s capacity by an ample margin. This feature helps with reducing herb consumption. Moreover, there is a number of cutouts at the edge of the tip, which gives an improved airflow.


Again, DynaVap presented a new design when it comes to the fin, which this time is more pointed compared to the rounded or flat-edged fin of 2019 M. For some, it may be annoying to have a sharper fin as it may scratch a grinder if one is not careful. On the other hand, thanks to this design, a consumer can easily just press the fin directly into a bud and cut out a chunk of it to vape it which is great for getting the maximum flavour.


The new 2020 M offers a refined design that is visually interesting and feels stronger than the previous 2019 M body. The vape still has an upper warning track so that one knows when they are about to touch the tip.


The device offers a new chiral airport that in fact is really two airports. Thanks to this new design, a customer can open and close only one side of the airport – this then leads to some unique airflow patterns inside. This feature is helpful in clearing the device.


Key features

Some of the key features DynaVap M 2020 offers are:

  • Compatible with dry herb
  • Intuitive to use
  • Designed with strong, almost unbreakable material
  • No batteries required
  • Portable
  • Allows micro-dosing


3 things you will love about the DynaVap M 2020

Dynavap M 2020 outside

The new DynaVap M 2020 without a doubt brings a lot of improvement to its predecessor, but here are three things we thought everyone will love about the new product.

#1 - Temperature Flexibility

DynaVap M 2020 may not have a temperature system, but the user has full and complete control when it comes to torch technique. This way, you are the one deciding what type of hits you exactly want from the DynaVap.

#2 - Vapor Quality

Despite the bowl size, the DynaVap M 2020 can be surprisingly powerful and thanks to that it gained the opinion of being one of the best dry herb vaporizers under $100. The vapour quality is huge and the flavour is great.

#3 - Manufacturing Quality

As we have discussed above, DynaVap offers a lot of change compared to the older design, that affects the user’s experience and makes it exceptional.


So, is the Dynavap M 2020 worth the upgrade?

Dynavap M 2020 Starter Kit

The Dynavap M 2020 is certainly an improvement to the last year’s version. The new product from the DynaVap family offers a unique new device that is easy to use, discreet to carry and gives its user an amazing vaping experience. The differences between 2020 and 2019 M are noticeable straight away and the new product clearly increases quality and overall the whole vaping experience.