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This review is about the Dynavap M 2021 which you can buy from here. Use the 10% discount code: TAKE10


The 2020 edition of the Dynavap M was one of my favourite vaporizers of last year. Despite requiring manual heating, the entire Dynavap range is intuitive to use and despite their minute size, they pack a punch! 

As an ardent fan, I was excited to get my hands on the Dynavap M 2021 and have used it pretty much every day since it was launched.

If you don't already own a Dynavap, the new 2021 M is the perfect addition to any vape aficionado's collection. However, is it worth upgrading if you already own last year's version?

I'll try and answer that below!


Who are DynaVap?

Dynavap emerged to the vape industry in 2015 with an idea of a simple but effective portable vaporizer that wouldn’t require a battery and was affordable for everyone. The company quickly gained the liking of the customers who enjoyed their one-hitter style VapCap vapes. Soon, DynaVap’s products evolved from just a single, glass unit to several collections that have three things in common – the vapes are quick, affordable and satisfying.

The company introduces themselves as a family of dedicated engineers and technologists who are enthusiasts of vaping. Their passion leads to designing, engineering and manufacturing all of their products in-house using the best materials available on the market.


Why the DynaVap is so popular?

It was said that originally the DynaVap’s products were quite expensive, however, since the release of DynaVap M, the company brought their unique vaping experience to a broader audience. The M edition of the vape turned out to be much more affordable and thanks to that became more popular throughout the fans of vaping. Regardless of the low price, DynaVap M still provides extremely high durability and quality, and its price is kept down by using medical grade stainless steel instead of titanium for the whole body of the device.


What’s new with the DynaVap M 2021


At first glance, the design doesn’t seem to have changed much from the 2020 version, but the details are where the most has changed. The changes are really subtle, but they are well thought out and serves the function they are intended for. 



The packaging of this product is similar to previous series, but is now 100% recyclable which makes purchasing even more guilt free. 



The tip’s look is new, featuring a new crown that has been called Septa. The ridges that keep the Captive Cap in place are very different as well. They now have a full pattern on them, and the heat distribution fins get smaller the closer you get to the top. This creates a very streamlined look. 



The new 2021 version of the Dynavap M has a slimmer and more modern look. The middle of the device is an hourglass shape, which seems insignificant, but makes a huge difference when heating, as rotation becomes easier and feels much more stable. This design change allows more control for the user. 



The new airports are a huge improvement on the older generation, with the additional of Dual Chiral Airports. The angle has been changed just a touch which gives more control over the airflow. To be in keeping with branding, the airports now make the shape of an “M”.  The angles of the Rocker are now a lot more prominent, which makes finding the chiral airports in the dark that much easier. 


Key features

Some of the key features DynaVap M 2021 offers are:

  • Compatible with dry herb
  • Intuitive to use
  • Designed with strong, almost unbreakable material
  • No batteries required
  • Portable
  • Allows micro-dosing

3 things you will love about the DynaVap M 2021


The new DynaVap M 2021 without a doubt brings a lot of improvement to its predecessor, but here are three things we thought everyone will love about the new product.

#1 - Temperature Flexibility

DynaVap M 2021 may not have a temperature system, but the user has full and complete control when it comes to torch technique. This way, you are the one deciding what type of hits you exactly want from the DynaVap.

#2 - Vapour Quality

Despite the bowl size, the DynaVap M 2021 can be surprisingly powerful and thanks to that it gained the opinion of being one of the best dry herb vaporizers under $100. The vapour quality is huge and the flavour is great.

#3 - Manufacturing Quality

As we have discussed above, DynaVap offers a lot of change compared to the older design, that affects the user’s experience and makes it exceptional.

#4 - Flavour

The extra space between the gap and the tip in the 2021 model cause a bit of the draw to be lost. This creates improvement to people searching for flavour, as more air results in more flavour.


So, is the Dynavap M 2021 worth the upgrade?


The Dynavap M 2021 is certainly an improvement to the last year’s version. The changes in body shape as well as airports make the device much more user friendly. The very subtle visual changes create such a difference in the usability its uncanny. If you liked the look of the older ones but are wanting to upgrade, the visual changes are subtle enough not to change the entire look of the product. The body changes also allow for better control while heating which helps prevent burns and lets the user be more finicky with their heating.

The downside is the new airflow has less of a draw resistance, but that is something that one can get used to. The small changes pack a big punch, and overall, make this a very nice addition to anybody’s collection.