Dynavap M 2020 - Why all the hype?

Manual vaporizers can be quite difficult to use and as such, I've never been a fan. It can be difficult to correctly judge the temperature of a manual vape's oven and more often than not I end up burning my herbs. 

However, last year I was sent the 2019 edition of the Dynavap and I was totally won over by its ease of use and powerful hits.

Throughout the final months of last year, the M 2019 practically lived in my pocket so I was excited to try the 2020 edition when we received ours last week! 


What's new with the Dynavap M 2020?



Looks may not be everything but they certainly do count! The Dynavap M 2020 looks stunning due to its new finish around the middle of the device.

As you twirl the vape around in your fingers these patterns appear to move - quite trippy after a bowl or two!

Whilst this design looks great, it also serves a purpose. A complaint with the 2019 edition was that it was so small it was easy to slip from your fingers during a session. This new pattern makes it a lot easier to hold.


A deeper air hole

Another improvement that might appear to be only cosmetic is the new deeper airhole but this subtly improves the entire user experience of the Dynvap M. 

The carb-hole on the 2019 edition was quite flat which made it difficult to 'feel' change resistance without looking; not ideal when you've got the mouthpiece to your lips!

The deeper carb-hole on this year's model allows you to feel exactly where to place your fingers or thumb so you can acutely fine tune the resistance as you take a hit. 


Loading the vape is far easier

You do not need to use a grinder with the 2020 version of the Dynvavap M.

The edge of the M’s bowl has teeth that your herbs to just the right size as you push and twist your herbs into the chamber.

Because the airflows have been increased you can also pack your Dynvavap far tighter than last years version too. 


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Why we love the Dynavap M 2020


It's so intuitive to use

As I stated earlier, judging the temperature on a manual vaporizer can be really difficult, especially for a novice.

Dynavap vaporizers have the perfect solution to this; the VapCap - all you need to do is listen to the clicks!

When you apply heat, the temperature in the oven will rapidly begin to rise. Once it reaches vaping temperature the cap will 'click' to let you know that it is time to vape the good stuff!

As you vape, the oven's temperature will eventually drop below the ideal vaping temperature. At the point the VapCap will 'click' again to let you know to apply more heat - it is ingenious! As long as you follow the clicks you'll get maximum clouds with no risk of combustion.


Great vaping experience

Dynavap M implements hybrid heating which means you'll benefit from both convection and conduction; best of both worlds!

Using a butane torch it'll vape your herbs in 5 seconds; a clear advantage over 99.9% of electric vaporizers!

Despite the chamber being tiny (0.1 grams), you'll find that one bowl is often enough due to the efficiency of the Dynavap's extraction.


Very portable

The Dynavap is the smallest vaporizer I've ever used and is perfect for stealthy sessions. The Dynavap M 2020 is roughly the same size as a cigarette.

Combined with its easy loading and quick vaping times you can pull it out, pack it and microdose without anyone even noticing!


2019 vs 2020