Dry Herb Vaporizer Gift Buying Guide - 2022

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve finally got it! Our 2022 Dry Herb Vaporizer Gift Buying Guide is now available. Below are the top five dry herb vaporizers on the market for a premium vaping experience. Keep reading to find the perfect 2022 holiday gift for yourself or a friend.





Perfect Gift On A Budget: Xmax v3

xmax logo

Top-line vape devices aren't cheap. However, you can still enjoy a quality vaporizer on a budget. Xmax are a UK brand whose flagship vaporizer; the v3 is available for under £100! This makes it the perfect gift for almost anyone on your list. Now you can finally enjoy a premium vaping experience for an affordable price.   

Why Choose The Xmax v3?


Xmax is known for producing premium vaping devices for a reasonable price. The Xmax v3 is the perfect dry herb vaporizer for anyone looking to upgrade their current device or new to vaping. It's straightforward to use, and you can use it with flower and concentrates. This device is as portable as a pen vape but has the functionality of a desktop device. It heats in less than 30 seconds, and its slim, sleek design makes taking it with you for regular use an effortless task.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple to operate. The vape device offers touchscreen operations that are easy to use. You can change the temperature with a few swipes and view performance right on the screen.
  • Accurate temperature control.  Lower heat preserves more terpenes and other compounds. High heat produces a more robust response from the THC.
  • Durable, quality design. Despite the low price, the Xmax v3 is a premium device that's light and portable and strong enough to sustain a few accidental drops and keep working.
  • Medical grade dual oven. Xmax v3 makes a durable device with medical-grade parts and not plastic that can melt or contaminate the herb.
  • Works with flower and concentrate. For fans of shatter, wax, and other dabs can save money with one device for both products with this vape device.
  • Efficient heating. The portable vaping pen uses a combination of convection heating and conduction.
  • Long-lasting battery life. With a powerful lithium-ion battery, you don't have to worry about keeping close to a power outlet.

Make a smart investment in your vaping future with a Xmax v3 dry herb vape. This compact, discreet vape has it all, and it's, and it's perfect for any vaping fanatic in your life. The price is low enough to give it as a holiday gift but high-quality enough that you want to keep it for yourself. What are you waiting for? Get your vaping gift before Christmas!

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Perfect For The Ultimate Vape Enthusiast: Anything by Storz & Bickel

You love your flowers, and you savour every puff. The aroma and flavour mean as much to you as your body's response. If this sounds like you, a Storz & Bickel dry herb vaporizer is what you need. Storz & Bickel are the kingmaker of dry herb vaporizers.

This brand is famous for its pricy, top-shelf desktop units, such as the Volcano Hybrid or Mighty+. However, if you need something more portable, Storz & Bickel's Crafty+ is the perfect device for vaping on the go.

Here's an overview of the best Storz & Bickel vaping devices to put on your holiday list.

Volcano Hybrid: Features and Benefits

  • A hybrid rotatable tube system. One of the most powerful features is the ability to adjust the inhale path for your vaping experience. Choose the tube or easy valve balloon with the mouthpiece.
  • Customizable Android app. Control settings using your smartphone via Bluetooth, which allows you to fine-tune the unit's temperature with ease.
  • Sleek design. They composed the aesthetically pleasing design with a slick display, and the unit's available in black and silver.
  • Quality design and durable. This device is a product of German engineering that draws from the best standards. The Volcano Hybrid has been made with high-quality parts for an extended life span.
  • Easy to use. Just fill the chamber, turn on the device and choose a temperature. The unit heats quickly and offers a variety of control settings during vaping. Use the large display to make adjustments.
  • Fast heating. The Volcano comes with a double helix heat exchanger to heat quickly. After turning the device on, it reaches optimum vaping temperature in 40 seconds.
  • Accessories. Storz & Bickel's Volcano has plenty of replacement parts, making it the perfect vaping device for the long haul.


Mighty+ Features and Benefits

  • Portable. The Mighty+ is a portable vaping device you can use with one hand.
  • Amazing battery life. The Mighty+ has one of the longest battery life currently available on the market. You can expect 60 to 90 minutes of use between charges.
  • Supercharge function. The Mighty+ speeds up the charging time to 80% in just 40 minutes. This is thanks to an upgraded circuit board which allows for higher wattage.
  • Fast Heat-Up. It's ready to use in just 60 seconds.
  • Custom temperature settings. The Mighty+ offers precision temperature control and a super-booster option. Click the on-off button three times to increase the temperature by 15 C.
  • Improved design. More compact and ergonomic than the original model.
  • Ceramic coated filing chamber. The Mighty+ has a ceramic-coated filing chamber for durability and flavour.

Storz & Bickel has some of the best dry herb vaporizers available on the market today and the Mighty+ is their flagship device. It's an easy-to-use device with great battery life. All these features make the Mighty+ perfect for vaping lovers who want an excellent vaping experience anytime, anywhere.

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Perfect Vape For Technology Lovers

Davinci Vape Logo

Is hi-tech important to you? If you're into digital features, consider the all-new DaVinci IQC as your ideal option. The device is lean, with a stylish ergonomic design. It's also known for having one of the longest battery lives available on the vaping market today. The runner-up is the PAX3.

Here's an overview of the top features to expect with each device.

DaVinci IQC Features and Benefits

  • Dry herb and concentrate options. The DaVinci IQC is an all-purpose vaping device perfect for use with flowers and concentrates.
  • Ultra-portable. The DaVinci IQC is small enough for vaping on the go. It fits easily in the palm of your hand for discreet vaping and simply slides into your pocket when not in use.
  • Quick heating. The device is ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • Temperature Accuracy. The DaVinci IQC is accurate to 1 degree Celsius.
  • Customization. You can choose from several colours for the vaporizer's IQ LED interface.
  • Clean technology. The device contains a sealed zirconia/glass air-path completely free of metal or plastic.
  • Heavy metals tested. DaVinci's products and vaporizers are safety verified, giving you peace of mind and exceptional flavour with every draw.
  • Type C charging. The DaVinci IQC charges in just two hours and features Type C Charging, and it also offers reverse charging if you need some extra juice for your phone.
  • Smartphone capabilities. The DaVinci IQC is a portable vaping device with a fully integrated Bluetooth app. You can use your smartphone to adjust settings or simply check battery life.

The DaVinci IQC is perfect for tech-minded vapers who want all the latest features and applications. While expensive, it’s an excellent investment for those who wish to vape anywhere.

Runner Up: PAX3 Features and Benefits


  • Dual-use device. The PAX3 works with dry herbs and concentrates, and it's the perfect multipurpose vaping device.
  • Portable. The PAX3 is light enough to carry with you for vaping on the go.
  • Super-fast heat-up time. The PAX3 heats in just 15 seconds for fast vaping sessions that end before you run out of battery life.
  • Customizable heating settings. The PAX3 offers four customizable heat settings.
  • Stylish. The PAX3 boasts a sleek and stylish cylindrical design, and it's available in six colors—Shadow Rain, Onyx, Sand, Burgundy, Sage, and Amber.
  • Portable vaping device. The PAX3 is sleek and powerful enough to vape both flowers and concentrate.
  • Excellent battery performance. Vape through eight sessions or about 90 minutes with the battery life.
  • Type C charging. With the PAX3, you get fast, 2.5-hour charging with the Type C adapter.
  • Discreet. The shape and size of the device make vaping on the go possible. It's ideal for vaping sessions in public spaces, especially if discretion is important to you.
  • Different mouthpiece options. You can choose from two mouthpiece options for your PAX 3. The flat mouthpiece gives you a more compact design, while the raised mouthpiece has a more convenient design for vaping.
  • Smartphone capabilities. The PAX3 is a portable vaping device with a fully integrated Bluetooth app. You can use your smartphone to adjust settings or simply check battery life.

The PAX3 is best enjoyed by vapers who want a multipurpose vaping device. There are plenty of customizable features so you can adjust your vaping experience. Other PAX devices include the PAX2, PAX Era Pro, and PAX Era Life.

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Perfect Vaping Gift For The Hipster

Dynavap Logo

Do you always need the latest device? Check out the Dynavap for your next vape pen. The Dynavap delivers the same incredible flavour as a flame-lit pipe. Plus, it's an impressive piece of technology with a sleek, futuristic design. Dynavap offers several models, ranging from the M series to the OMNI, VONG, and BB's.

You don't need cords or batteries to make this vape pen work. The DynaVap M uses body heat alone to generate a powerful hit of vapour. Portable and discreet, this is an excellent vape for vaping on the go. The Dynavap M is a discreet vape with a stylish, sleek design, and it's easy to carry and simple to clean.

Dynavap M Features and Benefits


  • Battery-free. The vape device has no electronic parts, which means nothing can fail. You use a butane lighter and a titanium tip to heat one end that creates smoke but a safe, delicious vapour.
  • Fast action. It heats in three to six seconds and works for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Dual-use. Consumers can purchase a kit to use both dry herbs and waxes in the same device. This is an excellent option for people who want to vape concentrates and flowers on the go.
  • Convenient. The device is easy to carry, and it can fit in your pocket for portability.
  • Made from medical-grade stainless steel. The Dynavap M is made with high-quality materials that are safe for human use.
  • Super easy to clean. You can clean the Dynavap M in a few minutes.
  • Adjust-a-bowl-feature. This is a customizable vaping experience. You can adjust the amount of herb you use for each session.
  • Comfortable design. The Dynavap M is ergonomic, so it's easy to grip. The device also has a proper mouthpiece design that doesn't need a screen.
  • Manual airflow control. You can control the airflow with a simple twist of the top.
  • Includes a captive cap. The captive cap is a removable piece that covers the end to help prevent spills when not in use.

Overall, the Dynavap M is perfect for people who like to vape on the go. It's a portable vaporizer that heats near instantly. You never have to charge it, and you can use concentrates and flower. 


Dynavap: The VONG Features and Benefits


  • Battery-less device. The Dynavap VONG doesn't have electronic parts or cords. You use a butane lighter to heat the device, generating out-of-this-world flavour profiles.  
  • Intuitive design. You use the device with comfort, and it's easy to hold in your hand.
  • Fast-acting heating. The Dynavap VONG heats in 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Dual-use. The device is versatile because it uses both waxes and flower.
  • Easy airflow. You control the airflow with a rotating wooden sleeve.
  • Lightweight. The VONG is light and pocket-sized, and a portable vape pen is perfect for vaping on the road.
  • Simple to clean. The components are easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Adjust-a-bowl size. The vape pen lets you adjust the amount of flower you use.
  • Tapered mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is ergonomic and comfortable.

The Dynavap VONG is ideal for people who like to vape on the go and want something versatile and portable. 

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Perfect For The Vaping Hobbyist

Arizer Logo

Do you like to tinker with new devices? The Arizer Solo II is the dry herb vaporizer you want under the Christmas tree. This is a powerful and customisable vaping device with intuitive controls. It offers precise temperatures, dual conduction/convection heating, and pass-thru charging.

Arizer made the device with borosilicate glass vapour for a smoother, tastier, vaping experience. Also, the PAX2 is another excellent choice for any hobbyist. It offers an incredible battery life, sleek design, and a simple one-button interface.

Arizer Solo II  Features and Benefits


  • The most advanced option. This is an impressive vaping device with intuitive controls.
  • 20-second heat time. You can start vaping in less than 20 seconds.
  • LED display screen. You can see the temperature settings by looking at the LED display.
  • Customize your temperature and vape sessions. You can set the temperature to match your terpenes and preserve other compounds.
  • Accurate heating. The device has a specific temperature range, so you'll never overheat your flowers.
  • Comes with a borosilicate glass vapour path. The glass components are designed for optimal flavour and smooth airflow.
  • Pass-thru charging options. You can start vaping while the device is plugged into an outlet.
  • Use with Flowers, oils, and waxes. You can save money by using one device for all your vape needs.
  • Long battery life. The battery life is up to three hours of continuous vaping.
  • High-quality components. The device uses high-quality materials that are safe for human use.

Overall, the Arizer Solo II is an excellent choice for any hobbyist. It's easy to use, portable, and customisable.

Runner Up: PAX2 Features and Benefits


  • High-quality design. The device is made from high-quality components that are safe for human use.
  • Ergonomic Design. You can grip the device with ease.
  • Simple, one-button interface. The PAX2 has a single button that is easy to use. 
  • Adjustable temperature settings. You can set the temperature on the side of the vaporizer.
  • Fast heat time. The PAX2 heats to the set temperature in just 45 seconds.
  • Even heating. The PAX2 has an even heating system, so you'll get smooth, tasty vapour.
  • Fast charge time. You can charge the 2600 mAH battery in just two hours.
  • Long battery life. You can use the PAX2 for up to three hours of continuous vaping.
  • Two mouthpiece options. The PAX2 comes with both a flat and raised mouthpiece.
  • Available in two colours. You can choose from Charcoal or Platinum.


We hope you enjoyed our Dry Herb Vaporizer Gift Buying Guide! Whether you like to tinker with new devices or just need a reliable vape, there is an option on this list that will work well for you. Keep this article for reference to this holiday season! If you found this helpful, let us know in the comment section below. Also, give us a share on social media or send it to a friend who could use the information. Thanks for reading!