Can I vape Hash in my Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Did you know, if done correctly, pretty much any dry herb vaporizer can vape CBD hash and concentrates? 

However, it is important to take the right precautions. If you don’t, at best, you’ll be facing a major clean up operation and at worst, you’ll damage the performance of your vaporizer.

Below we’ll cover all the basics of using hash in your dry herb vaporizer.


What is hash?

If you look closely at a high-quality hemp flower, you’ll notice tiny translucent crystals covering the flowers. These are called trichomes and they contain the CBD and any other cannabinoids that we want to enjoy.

Hashish is made when these trichomes, resins and essential oils are removed from the plant so they can be concentrated. As a rule, hash is more potent than herbs or flowers.

Hash is believed to be first used over 1000 years ago in India. It was made by rubbing hemp flowers together by hand, squeezing the resin and oils out of the plant and rolling it into balls.

Hash can be found in several forms:

  • Water Hash – crumbly and almost powder-like.
  • Shatter – Solid. Think along the lines of fragile glass that easily crumbles into sharp-edged pieces.
  • Wax – Crumbly yet malleable. Likened to earwax.
  • Budder – Paste-like consistency. Often compared to peanut butter.
  • Rosin – Somewhat similar to budder’s consistency but slightly more fluid. Think along the lines of lip gloss.


Can I use hash in my dry herb vaporizer?

Some vaporizers pitch themselves as being specially designed for hash and concentrates. These vaporizers are usually designed with highly refined concentrates in mind that have a waxy consistency. 

With a few precautions, most vaporizers can handle firmer, hash just fine but it is worth keeping the following in mind:

  • Vaporizers with a wide oven tend to be better suited than those with small, narrow ovens. 
  • As a rule, concentrates require higher temperatures than herbs. I’ve had success with temperatures between 195ºC and 210ºC.


Four rules to remember when vaping hash in a dry herb vaporizer

#1 Keep your oven clean! 

It’s important to keep your dry herb vaporizer clean if you want it to work effectively for as long as possible. This is especially true when vaping hash. When hash reaches high temperatures, it’ll melt and oils can run. This can leave your expensive vaporizer with a sticky oven.

The best way to clean your vape is with a specially designed solution. You can buy some cleaning solution here!


#2 Create a protective layer in your vaporizer's oven

Rule #1 is very important but I am a firm believer that 'prevention is better than a cure'! Though it isn't necessary, I create a protective layer at the bottom of my vape's oven before firing up.

More often than not, I use herbs as the protective layer, they act as a nice cushion for the hash and amplify its effects. Also, 'degummed' hemp fibre is another popular option due to it being odourless. Finally, another favourite is using everyday kitchen herbs; they have the added benefit of improving the taste and aroma. 


#3 Get the dosage right

It is important to remember that hash is more potent than herbs and flowers. Also, if you load the oven too tight you use too much you risk clogging your vaporizer.

Start with 0.1 grams, this should be enough to provide you with around 8-10 hits. You can always load another bowl, so don't stuff it too tight!.


#4 Maximise the surface are of you hash

The bigger the surface area of your hash, the better it'll vaporizer. We can increase the surface area by breaking it into little pieces and then flattening it out. This will expose as much of your hash to the oven's heat as possible. 


Which dry herb vaporizers can you vape CBD hash with

This list isn’t extensive because as we mentioned, the majority of dry herb vaporizers can vape hash. However, below are vaporizers we have actually used to vape hash and can recommend.

 Can vape hash by following the above instructions Comes equipped with a concentrate modification.

Dynavap M 

Black Mamba niiceone
Pax 2 Crafty+
Arizer Solo II Firefly 2 Plus
Flowermate Hybrid X


Final Word

Where there’s a will to vape hash, there’s a way. And really, getting the most out of your hash all depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into vaping it. So, follow the advice outlined above and go easy on your vaporizer. You should be able to enjoy hundreds, if not thousands, of hash sessions before anything seems amiss (if it ever does!)

Moral of the story is: be smart about how you use your hash and enjoy the ride!