Re-hydrate your cannabis

We all love dry herbs but not when they're too dry! Herbs that are sticky and rich in colour produce the highest quality and most effective vapour.

When your dry herbs resemble dusty tumble-weed, they are liable to emit a harsh vapour that tastes bad or even produce no vapour at all!

A wise man once said, 'Prevention is better than cure', and he is right. To ensure the best vaping experience, you should make sure that you're storing your cannabis properly. However, in the event that your herbs have all dried  but in the event you have let your herbs dry out, it is useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to resuscitate your stash and it back to life!


 Citrus Peel

A bit of peel from an orange, lemon or lime is a nice way to refresh your herbs whilst also adding a light, fruity undertone to your vapour.

Citrus peel works well because it locks in moisture from the fruit without being damp and also contains several essential oils, which your herbs will absorb.

However, it is important to note that this is for herbs you plan vaping in the next 24 - 48 hours. Citrus peel should never be a long term solution. Damp fruit in a humid atmosphere is liable to go mouldy after a few days - and you do not want to be vaping that!

Pro Tip: Experiment by swapping fruit peel with fresh herbs such as mint, rosemary and thyme. Not only will it add moisture to your herb, but it'll also sharpen the taste too!


Filtered Water

Clean water is a great option to hydrate your herbs because it carries far less risk of mould growth. Rather than using tap water, I would suggest using distilled or filtered water because it will likely be free of impurities.

First, find a little plastic baggie and place a paper towel in there so it fits quite snug. Next, dampen (not soak!) the paper towel and then seal the baggie to lock in the moisture.

Finally, poke a few holes in the baggie and add to the storage jar. Over the course of a day, the moisture should naturally transfer to your dry herbs.


Humidity Control Packs

humidity control packs

Have you ever noticed the little paper sachets that come packed with a new pair of shoes? These are designed to remove moisture and ensure your shoes reach you nice and dry.

Well, humidity control packs look exactly the same but perform the opposite role. They are specially designed to keep its atmosphere at 55-65% which coincidentally enough is the perfect environment to correctly store your herbs!

They can be found fairly cheap on market places such as Amazon.


...In a rush?

The downside with these tips is that they can take at least half a day for your cannabis to reabsorb the moisture and hydrate. Sometimes, we want to vape right away!

We have a solution for but it comes with risks. If you're not careful, you can risk ruining your herbs!

First, boil a kettle. Once it's boiled, pour the hot water into a large mug. Next, place a dishtowel over the mug and secure it by using an elastic band near the rim.

Finally, just pop your tumble-weed on the cloth and it should absorb the steam evaporating from the hot water.

Remove after 20 - 30 mins and you should have restored a bit of vibrancy to your herbs!